• Unacceptable Violation of State Laws, Statutes and Federal Laws at TCF

    GOP poll challengers were physically obstructed from doing their duties Intimidated, harassed, abused and evicted on the slightest pretense Numerous affidavits attest to this Violation of state laws (MCL 168.727-168.734) Violation of court order regarding allowing GOP challengers to observe within a 6 ft distance. Why isn’t Janice Winfrey being held accountable for violating an […]

  • Why a Full Forensic Audit is Needed in the State of Michigan

    Rasmussen conducted a poll in June of this year – stating that 55% of voters support election forensic audits.  To break it down: R- 75%, I- 51%, even D- 30%. Surprisingly, in a later Rasmussen poll, even more- 38% of Democrats- supported a forensic audit. SOS Benson performed a hand recount in Michigan.  This is […]

  • Meet and Teach Your Legislators and Fellow Citizens

    In the words of President John F. Kennedy, “The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all.” We call for citizens in Michigan to meet personally with their state legislators to discuss election integrity issues. We believe it will be productive for individuals or small groups to engage them in discussion. […]