Citizens rightfully challenging apparent election fraud in Michigan!

  • Rasmussen conducted a poll in June of this year – stating that 55% of voters support election forensic audits.  To break it down: R- 75%, I- 51%, even D- 30%.
  • Surprisingly, in a later Rasmussen poll, even more- 38% of Democrats- supported a forensic audit.
  • SOS Benson performed a hand recount in Michigan.  This is known as a risk-limited audit (RLA). 
  • SOS Benson cherry picked counties and townships with few ballots examined compared to the total that voted (18,000 out of 5.5 million).
  • A  RLA primarily checks to see if vote tallies are aligned.  That is, do the numbers of voters in the electronic poll books (EPB) match the number of ballots coming out of the tabulators (electronic voting machines).
  • Professor Phillip Stark invented the RLA.  He RESIGNED from Verified Voting because he said a RLA was not the proper kind of audit to do in an elections utilizing voting machines.  Because software is between the voter and the ballot coming out of a voting machine, what the voter saw may not be what came out of the machine.
  • A REAL voters needs to be connected to a REAL ballot and the only way to know that is to do a forensic audit.
  • Was the VOTER real? Meaning, was this person an eligible voter and listed in the voter registration rolls (ie QVF or Qualified Voter File)?
  • Was the BALLOT real?  The only way to know that is to LOOK at the ballot, not just count it.
  • Was the ballot printed on proper paper and not “machine” voted, instead of hand voted?
  • Were absentee ballots folded as required when they were put into a secrecy sleeve by the voter?
  • Were proper security and chain of custody measures followed?  It doesn’t matter what the vote tally is if there is a security breach in the election.
  • The TCF center in Detroit was notorious for ballots being brought into the center with no chain of custody ie no departure times, arrival times, numbers of ballots transported, names of transporters.
  • At TCF, there were illegal ballot duplications, same ballots run through multiple times, ballot dumps, ballot harvesting, numerous violations of election laws
  • Numerous affidavits attest to this.  Do you, as fellow Republicans, endorse and support the findings of your fellow Republican citizens who were there at TCF?
  • If not, why not???  If you do, what have you done to publicly declare your position?
  • Independent evaluation of the voting machines is required- did they have embedded chips in the hardware allowing internet connection?  Was the software in the machines certified? 
  • What happened at TCF center and Antrim county as well as multiple states shows how credibility in the election process has been lost.
  • If elections lose their credibility, democracy can quickly disintegrate.
  • It is not good enough to say, “well, you can’t prove fraud”.
  • In every election, we need evidence that vote counts are accurate and the votes and ballots themselves are legitimate.


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