Unacceptable Violation of State Laws, Statutes and Federal Laws at TCF

  • GOP poll challengers were physically obstructed from doing their duties
  • Intimidated, harassed, abused and evicted on the slightest pretense
  • Numerous affidavits attest to this
  • Violation of state laws (MCL 168.727-168.734) Violation of court order regarding allowing GOP challengers to observe within a 6 ft distance. Why isn’t Janice Winfrey being held accountable for violating an order from the SOS?
  • Common theme in the affidavits was the following:
    • Thousands of ballot duplications
    • Sequential ballots with signatures all the same
    • Thousands of ballots entered into the voting machines which were not present in the electronic poll books (EPB)
  • 71% of the Detroit precincts were OUT OF BALANCE!
  • This means that the numbers of voters in the EPB could not be reconciled with the number of votes coming out of the tabulators (voting machines).
  • But, by Michigan law, an audit CANNOT BE DONE! Why???
  • The GOP has a majority in the Michigan legislature. What is being done to correct this?
  • The legislature has jurisdiction over the election process in Michigan.
  • Federal law 52 US Code 20701 says that election records and papers must be preserved for 22 months with penalties and imprisonment for not doing so.
  • This means ballots, ballot images, spoiled ballots, blank ballots, records of how drop boxes were monitored, poll book records, records of vote tally transfers, chain of custody records, among other things
  • Where are they? Why were efforts to obtain them stonewalled with subpoenas being ignored? Why did Republican legislators sign NDA’s in regards to what they saw or didn’t see?
  • For examples of how GOP challengers were treated at TCF
    • A GOP challenger affiant was falsely accused of taking videos and pictures. She asks if the poll workers were referring to her. The Democrat poll workers yell at her, “you people ain’t allowed to talk to us! Shut your mother*ucking mouth, racist! Another poll worker called her a “mother*ucking cocks*cker and a racist”.
    • Another affiant claimed that high ranking election officials “treated me like a criminal” because she refused to engage in the fraudulent practice of back-dating ballots which were illegitimate ballots.
    • Persistent physical blocking of GOP poll challengers so that they could not see the tabulator screens.
    • Not allowing GOP challengers back into the counting room when they left for food or a bathroom break saying they had “not signed out” and therefore could not be allowed back in.
    • This intentional war of attrition led to the wearing down of whatever GOP forces were still in the TCF center.
    • Transparency? No doubt, they wanted the GOP out of the way for when illegal ballot dumps arrived for fraudulent procedures to take place without bipartisan observation.
    • Where is the outrage from the Republican legislature regarding this? 


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