Strategies to Secure Michigan Elections

The 2020 Election was rigged: What YOU can do to help prevent this from ever happening again

Volunteer. Participate. Recruit. REPEAT.

How can I best participate?

FOCUS – maybe the most important. There’s a lot going on in Michigan, the nation and the world. You could spend every minute of the day just looking at your news feed and reading other patriots’ emails and texts.

Carve out time for ACTION every day. Passively reading the internet or Facebook is not helpful (and it will likely raise your blood pressure). ACT by doing something positive to advance the goal of obtaining an audit, ridding the world of “drop boxes” and securing our election processes. At the very least, forward links to these articles to busy activists who may have missed them.

STUDY the system – help us researchers answer the tough questions on election fraud that we still haven’t fully answered. VOLUNTEER to study a poorly understood topic.

TRAIN to be a poll worker and challenger. Immerse yourself in how to be effective so that fraud will NOT get past you on Election Day. SIGN UP to help with Matt Siefreid’s ELECTION DEFENDER program.

SPECIALIZE in one area. Example: we’re just beginning to learn about the E.R.I.C. system, which has been under control of partisan Democrats and fails to clean up the dirty voter rules. We need people to learn about this and what can be done about it.

EDUCATE OTHERS. Take the knowledge you’ve learned and inform the legislators and your family and friends about what you’ve learned in your studies.

AGITATE. That’s right. We have to generate public pressure through every means of communication using unified MESSAGING. Great example: “FULL FORENSIC AUDIT NOW”. Letters, emails, calls, signs, protests, social media, word of mouth (WOM is maybe the best), visits to legislators and DOOR KNOCKING (this is also a part of recruiting).

EXPOSE your reps and senators for being part of the problem – few, if any are free of blame. Let every voter in their district know their silence is helping to enshrine election fraud. Let them know they OWN this disaster and will be held accountable at the same polls that you are now going to be WATCHING.


  • Focus on the most effective pieces of information (eg. Send your legislator a copy of our TCF Timeline report and McBroom Rebuttal. These are heavily documented so they can’t say “I haven’t seen any evidence of fraud”. Send them a link to In general, your information should be of high quality.
    • Data from respected sources. Avoid rumors. Include references
    • The more sources the better
    • Compelling in nature – information that’s likely to “move the needle”
    • Newer, fresher evidence is generally more effective
    • Tone is important. Don’t be angry. Use reason to win them over. If they find you likeable, they are more likely to like your argument.
    • Keep coming back with more information. Counter their objections with fresh arguments. WEAR DOWN their resistance.

PERSIST. One Lansing legislator said the reason the Dems win so often is they simply don’t give up! They keep pushing their radical issue for months and years until the Republicans get tired and give in. We can do the same to Dems and RINO’s.

Strategies, tactics and timetables

Let’s assume for a moment that it’s “just you and me”. We have limited resources, so where do we direct them? This takes careful strategy and the ability to change course on a dime if need be. We have to be precise in our allocation of the limited resources and we have to deploy them at exactly the right time.


  1. EXPOSE 2020 FRAUD – force a full forensic audit, FOIA requests, aggressive investigative analysis
  2. PASS NEW LAWS – limited to citizen initiatives to hinder the fraudsters – SecureMIVote; ban drop boxes or demand watermarks/digital markings embedded in ballots.
  3. ENFORCE EXISTING LAWS – Election Defender program. Hire and train dozens of lawyers, raise an army of volunteer poll workers, realistic “live fire” training for challengers.

Clearly, we need to do all THREE

Our timetable is marked by two crucial dates:

September 3rd marks the end of the two 22-month federal prohibition on destroying or deleting election materials from November 3rd, 2020.

November 8th, 2022 – Election Day.

The September 3rd deadline doesn’t give us much time to obtain an audit, so we have to use it wisely. We need to determine if our legislators can be persuaded to extend the period of time the election materials are preserved, past the September 3rd expiration of the federal order banning deletion and destruction of the election materials needed for the audit. The legislators have the authority, but they pretend that they do not. The Michigan legislature also could simply subpoena all the relevant election materials, but that could be tied up in court for many months.

The second deadline, Election Day, is the time by which a massive Election Protection effort must be ready to launch across the entire state. This is a huge undertaking and even this early, we are playing catchup. Fortunately, due to public pressure from the GOP grassroots, Michigan has a dedicated Election Day Operations director, but he is woefully underfunded and has no staff. So, he desperately needs volunteers. If you have some expertise, contact Matthew Seifried at 517-487-5413;

Our first, short term goal is to obtain an audit, before it’s too late. In striving to achieve that, what can give us the most bang for the buck when we’re pressed for time, manpower and money?

“Precision beats power and timing beats speed”

After knocking out the formidable Jose Aldo with a perfectly-placed left cross, champion boxer Connor MacGregor observed: “he’s powerful and he’s fast, but precision beats power and timing beats speed.”

If we master the precise placement and optimum timing of our message, we will get the maximum impact. This can make up for what we lack in money and numbers and the election integrity grassroots will strike a knockout blow against election fraud…

Timing and synchronization of efforts when we have limited resources

For a brief, well-timed period, everything we have should hit in a daily cascade of news, events and public pressure. One potentially effective application of our efforts would be to build a campaign that is timed to launch around the release of the highly-anticipated movie 2000 Mules, by Dinesh D’Souza. Due out in Spring, this is sure to be explosive as it purports to show video footage of ballot stuffing “mules” caught on surveillance video depositing illegally harvested ballots into drop boxes in several swing states.

This movie experience should spawn multiple WATCH PARTIES across Michigan and the entire country. We have to plan NOW to line up the “supporting elements” in order to maximize the “shock and awe” of the release of 2000 Mules. This kind of coordination of messaging can help to lift all our efforts off the ground.

Imagine in the weeks before and after this blockbuster movie release, seeing the following well-oiled messaging machine spring into action with a continuous drumbeat of demands for a full forensic audit (FFA):

  1. Articles appearing in the patriot press about the dangers of drop boxes and how they were a key focus of fraud in 2020.
  2. Messaging explaining why this powerful proof of fraud demands a full forensic audit and the prohibition of drop boxes.
  3. Delegations of Election Integrity organizations to Lansing, testifying in favor of an FFA, statewide ban on drop boxes and the institution of ballot security measures like watermarks and digital identifiers (making it harder to fake ballots).
  4. Protestors with signs and flags demanding a full forensic audit: “We aren’t going AWAY!” (A convoy to Lansing perhaps?)
  5. Social media hype surrounding the 2000 Mules Premiere watch parties as tickets sell out (Sign up now for Truth Social)
  6. Post-premiere events (eg. a march around the Capitol bldg.), coordinated call/email days focusing on election committee leaders like the Senate and House Oversight and Election committees.
  7. Coordinated letters to the editor of newspapers, phone calls, posts to radio talk shows.

Thanks to the efforts of election integrity champions like Catherine Engelbrecht and Dinesh D’Souza, we have, in the movie, 2000 Mules, a terrific opportunity to fashion a focused, coordinated and well-timed campaign that can help us achieve our goals of a fraud-free election in November. Let’s all get to work!


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