Decisions, Decisions

A compelling summary of the assault on election integrity which occurred in Michigan and especially in Detroit in the General Election, 2020.

Authored by Dr Phil O’Halloran who served as a GOP challenger at the infamous

TCF Center in Detroit during the 2020 election. He was an eyewitness to the egregious, fraudulent and lawless events that occurred.

Decisions, decisions…

In studying the goings on inside the TCF Center November 2 – 5, 2020, it became clear that dozens of critical decisions were made before, during and after the election by the Secretary of State (SOS), the Detroit City Council, the Detroit Department of Elections (DOE) and others in positions of power.

What remains to be seen, is why did so many of these decisions appear to facilitate fraud?

Why did so manyof them benefit the Dems and/or hurt the Republicans?

No matter how egregious the actions – or inactions – the election officials always seemed to have “plausible deniability” (fancy excuses that don’t wash when you look deeper).

Excuses included: “It’s just a clerical error”, “the GOP challengers weren’t properly trained”

“It’s because of the chaos and ‘muddle’ that occurs with any large scale operation”

In evaluating whether these excuses hold water, it’s important to acknowledge that a handful of these biased decisions could be chalked up to human error and chance.

But is there an upper LIMIT to this number, beyond which the reasonable person should start getting suspicious?

How many one-sided decisions, making fraud easier…

…helping Dems, and hurting Republicans…

does it take to raise YOUR suspicions?

Let’s take a look at just a few of them*:

SOSTo keep dirty voter roles, despite prior SOS’s list showing
over 500,000 invalid registrations
SOSTo flood the state with absentee ballot applications (the law required “only upon request”)
SOSTo relax the signature requirement to “anything goes”
SOSTo not update voter rolls when applications came back “return to sender”
Detroit ClerkTo reject or ignore the applications of over 100 Republican poll workers at TCF Center
Detroit City CouncilTo accept over $7million in Zuckerbucks with strings attached for drop boxes, tabulators, etc
Detroit City CouncilTo contract with the former lawyer of Kwame Kilpatrick to hire poll workers at six times the pay
DOE supervisorsTo not inform the Republican challenger groups of the 10/29-2020 challenger conference
Detroit ClerkTo not inform the poll workers of Judge Stevens ruling relaxing the 6-foot distancing rule
DOETo not inform the satellite supervisors and workers that ballot harvesting was illegal
Detroit Health DeptTo create out of thin air a maximum “safe” number allowed inside the massive TCF room
DOE gatekeepersTo allow HUNDREDS of Democrat groups and uncredentialed “observers” to flood the room
DOETo use the inflated numbers to exclude credentialed Republican challengers
DOETo selectively admit Democrat operatives, lawyers and challengers
DOETo selectively refuse re-entry to GOP challengers trying to return from lunch breaks
DOETo allow the Dems to have lunch/meeting rooms inside or adjoining the AVCB room
DOETo place the GOP challengers’ and lawyers’ room 200 yards away on the other side of TCF
Detroit ClerkTo use several DEFECTIVE ballot boxes stamped NOT FOR USE – a misdemeanor crime
Detroit ClerkTo not use chain of custody in the transfer across town of tens of thousands of AV ballots
DOE officialsTo disallow videotaping by challengers but allow it by media with far more powerful cameras
DOE supervisorsTo not provide challengers with meaningful access to view inside 6 feet despite the ruling
DOETo move tabulators far away from the AV counting boards, breaking up chain of custody
DOE supervisorsTo fail to prevent tabulator operators from re-running ballot batches without zeroing the count
DOE officialsTo allow a late-night ballot drop many hours after the close of polls
Some poll workersTo perform fraudulent actions like filling out bland ballots and sequestering Trump ballots
DOETo accept ballots by the thousands that did not appear in the poll book or supplemental lists
DOEDOE To refuse to accept the challenges of these and other ballots by countless GOP challengers
DOE officialsTo permit the duplication of blank ballots without a Republican present
DOE officialsTo permit the adjudication of ballots rejected by the tabulators without a Republican present
DOE officialsTo refuse to allow challengers access to the “raised platform” where vote tallies are aggregated
Democrat PartyTo “swarm” GOP challengers trying to do their jobs. To intimidate, distract and disrupt them
Some poll workersTo abuse, threaten with physical harm and assault challengers who tried to view their work
Leftist orgsTo flood TCF with thugs who abused, intimidated and obstructed the views of GOP challengers
DOE officialsTo call in a heavily-armed SWAT team because GOP were “breaking windows” (they were not)
DOE officialsTo instruct Detroit police to remove GOP challengers on false charges
Detroit policeTo follow the DOE officials’ orders blindly, even though challengers are statutorily protected
Detroit policeTo refuse to enforce Michigan election law which makes it a feeling to obstruct challengers
DOE supervisorsTo give greatly-reduce number of ballots for counting to the handful of GOP poll workers
Dem radicalsTo subject GOP Canvassers to a “struggle session” of racist abuse and threats for over 2 hours
Dem CanvassersTo live to GOP Canvassers that if they reversed their decertification, SOS would order an audit
DOE officialsTo retaliate against brave whistleblower, Jessie Jacob, who called out the highest officials
AG, Dana NesselTo let all of this go without an investigation, even though the law requires her to investigate
Senate OversightTo release a McBroom Report that swept it all under the rug and pointed the AG toward patriots
3 branches of Gov’t.To block, gaslight, vilify and punish ANYONE who
questions, calls out or objects to the above
GOP State PartyTo side with the Democrats in deciding to “move on” and in rejecting calls for an audit
GOP legislatorsTo pay lip service to desperate pleas from constituents demanding a serious investigation
*Sadly, this is just the “short list”. For a more exhaustive analysis of the many fateful decisions that would lead a reasonable person to suspect that the election was rigged, see “TCF Timeline: the 2020 General Election in Detroit”] by Michigan Citizens for Election Integrity.

Were these really all the result of random, impartial decision-making by honest, trustworthy election participants acting in good faith?

As Joe Biden would say, “Come ON, Maaaan!”


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