SecureMiVote Citizens Petition

Every illegally cast ballot  disenfranchises a citizen who casts a lawful vote.

The Secure Mi Vote Petition is an important step in ensuring fair and trustworthy elections.

There are three parts to this petition, as follows:

  1. Require voter ID for absentee as well as in-person voting

2.   Prohibit the Secretary of State from sending out unsolicited absentee

      ballot applications

3.   Forbid private third party funding of elections

Let’s break each of these down:

  1. Require Voter ID

80% of Michigan voters support the requirement for voter ID. They don’t buy the Democrat rhetoric that this represents voter suppression.  Photo ID is required to board a plane, cash a check or buy a beer.  Minorities should not be tagged as incapable of doing this.  It is insulting.

Currently if voters apply for an absentee ballot by mail, they do not need to provide ID.  If a voter applies in-person at the clerk’s office for an absentee ballot, and they do not have a  picture ID, they can sign an affidavit to waive this requirement.

This petition corrects these weak provisions. 

  • It requires a photo ID for in-person voters (no affidavit signing to circumvent this requirement!).
  • For absentee ballot applications it requires either a drivers license, partial SS number, or photo ID.
  • IF the voter does not provide ID, their vote will only be counted if they present their ID within 6 days after the election, ie provisional ballot.
  • State funded ID’s will be provided to applicants with hardships.

2. Prohibits the Secretary of State from sending out unsolicited absentee ballot applications

Voter registration rolls are notorious for being bloated and inaccurate with the names of voters who have moved or are deceased. 

Unsolicited absentee ballot applications which are undeliverable creates a data base for bad actors to create phantom voters which they can then link to ballots on election day.

It opens the door to ballot harvesters and particularly their tendency to prey on the elderly in nursing homes.

The bipartisan Carter-Baker Commission found that absentee ballots and mail-in ballots were the most significant source of voter fraud.  Vote by mail makes it much more difficult to deter ballot harvesting and vote-buying schemes.

3. Prohibits private third party funding of elections

Through CTCL (Center for Tech and Civic Life) Mark Zuckerberg gave over $15 million to election officials in more than 127 Michigan jurisdictions, primarily Democrat.  $7.4 million was given to the City of Detroit for purchasing voter machine equipment, election official and poll worker pay and for unattended ballot drop boxes.  This provided opportunity, again, for ballot harvesting.

In addition, the Secure Mi Citizens petition would require partial SS number for voter registration and specify minimum times clerks must accept for in-person absentee ballots or drop box deliveries.

Sign the petition. Become a petition circulator.  340,000 signatures are required but MiGOP is looking to obtain 500,000 signatures as a margin of safety to ensure there are enough valid signatures. 

Take back our state!  Restore election integrity.


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