Why are Cognitively Unfit People Leading our Nation, And Why are Americans Voting for Them?

October 28, 2022
MC4EI’s own Becky Behrends published a story that was featured on 100% Fed UP!

In the aftermath of the Pennsylvania Senate debate between John Fetterman and Mehmet Oz, Americans should be asking why we are giving a pass to people who are not fit to govern this nation cognitively. With all the serious and complex issues before us as a nation, we need people who have sharp memories, analytical skills, a knowledge base of economics and how the business world works, among many other assets.

100 Percent Fed Up has previously reported on John Fetterman regarding the stroke he suffered last May. Since then, he has struggled with incoherent and garbled speech as well as accurately processing questions and information presented to him. His performance in the recent debate with Oz was embarrassing and disastrous. He flip-flopped on everything from fracking (is he for or against it??) to health care issues.

Yet, when it was revealed that Fetterman required closed captioning in an interview with an NBC reporter, his wife said that the reporter should face consequences and “apologize.”

For what?!! For revealing something, the public should know? Since she threw words around like “rights,” “accommodations,” and “ableism,” what about the rights of the public to know if they are electing people who are up to the task of governance?

“Ableism” is one of the new “ism’s” that the leftist victimology gurus are now pawning off on the public. What is it? It is “discrimination in favor of able-bodied people.” It is bigotry based on ability, so they say. Progressive leftists view it as something just as bad as racism, hatred, and homophobia. It puts you in the same category as MAGA patriots, Colorado cake bakers, fascists, white nationalists, Bible believers- you name it.

We understand that there are types of disabilities that do not necessarily disqualify someone from serving in a political office. But the public has a right to have full disclosure as to how capable the person is in performing his duties. Many citizens have served with physical disabilities, such as:

Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas, is a paraplegic from a freak accident in 1984 when a falling oak tree hit him in the back.

Max Cleland, former US Senator from Georgia, was a triple amputee from a grenade blast in the Vietnam War.

John McCain, a former US Senator from Arizona, had limited use of his arms and an abnormal gait due to the torture he suffered as a POW in the Vietnam War.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, former US President, was a paraplegic due to polio.

And so on. Physical disabilities may cause politicians not to be up to the task of leading. It is said that President Woodrow Wilson’s severe case of Spanish flu adversely affected his decision-making in the Treaty of Versailles, which ended WWI. But, maybe even more concerning is politicians with mental and cognitive disabilities.

The most disturbing example of cognitive impairment in a political leader is Joe Biden, the current occupant of the White House. He obviously lacks the ability to pay careful attention to detail, concentrate, remember important items, and make decisions. Who, then, is really leading our nation?

In 1998, Biden had two brain aneurysms surgically repaired after suffering a brain bleed. This has been known to lead to long-term cognitive decline. He also has atrial fibrillation, an abnormal heart rhythm that has been associated with silent damage to the brain.

Trump took and passed a cognition test. Biden has not taken such a test.

Biden has what is referred to as a “media protection racket” trying to explain away his too numerous to mention embarrassing gaffes and mental lapses. Even the Australians are asking, “what was that?” in a Town Hall meeting with CNN’s Don Lemon interviewing President Biden.

Just as Moonbat Democrats have been covering for Biden, they are blowing smoke at the public regarding John Fetterman in Pennsylvania.

To even question Biden or Fetterman’s cognitive ability is now the “new and improved” form of bullying! Where will Biden retreat to a “safe space” from all the “abuse”? His Delaware basement? The US Senate has historically been considered the center of debate on important issues of the day. The ability to verbally debate seems to be a minimal bar for one who, well, wants to be a Senator! Is that too much to expect without crybabies charging us with discrimination and a lack of compassion? C’mon Man!!!

What can we expect from a political party that endorses over 70 forms of gender identity? Surely their list of types of discrimination must know no limits either.

Even Liz Plank of MSNBC, no less, lamented on Fetterman: “When your side is so bad, you have to rely on ableism to win.”

The rest of America will be watching and hoping that Pennsylvanians step up and do the right thing. Don’t be intimidated by phony “discriminator mongers.”


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