Bipartisan Election Fraud- It’s Time to Put a Stop to All of It!!

Authored by Becky Behrends, M.D. Published On 100% Fed Up
August 14, 2022

Michigan Citizens for Election Integrity is a group of grassroots, patriotic citizens concerned about election dishonesty, fraud, and illegality regardless of whether it involves the blues or the reds in the political realm.

It needs to be called out and exposed. Here is a review of some bipartisan misconduct and illegal behavior.

Michigan: Democrat
Democrat Kwame Kilpatrick, known as the “hip-hop” mayor was the youngest person ever elected to this office in the 2001 mayoral election in Detroit, at the age of 31. He ran for re-election in 2005 against Democrat Freeman Hendrix who was endorsed by the major news organizations in Detroit. Kilpatrick had been embroiled in various scandals including raiding the city coffers. Hendrix was the favorite to win until “surprise” results late on election night supposedly turned the election to Kilpatrick. (Does late night absentee ballot dumps sound familiar?) In fact, Hendrix beat Kilpatrick in the primary election by a comfortable margin- however, he lost in the general election.
Detroit was not well served with Kilpatrick as its mayor thereafter with more corruption such as racketeering, mail fraud and bribery- 24 felonies in total! He was sentenced to 28 yrs. in prison, but his sentence was commuted by President Trump (on Trump’s final night in the White House), after he served for only 7 years.

Michigan: Republican
Paul Manni, a Sterling Heights, Michigan Republican candidate for City Council was recently charged with forging signatures on multiple absentee ballot applications in the Nov 2021 election.

Michigan: Democrat
Southfield Clerk, Democrat Sherikia Hawkins, faces six felony charges related to forging or falsifying election records in the Nov 2018 election. Specifically, she was charged with tossing out absentee ballots after they had arrived at the clerk’s office and were logged into the computer system. She justified this by claiming the ballot envelopes were not properly signed by voters when the real purpose was to hide discrepancies in the number of absentee ballots cast compared to the number counted.

Michigan: Democrat
Kathy Funk ran as a Democrat for township clerk in Flint, Michigan in the election of 2020. She was accused of purposely breaking a seal on a container for ballots so that the votes could not be totaled during an anticipated recount. She won re-election with a slim margin in the unofficial count. She was charged with ballot tampering and misconduct in office.

Pennsylvania: Democrat
In 2021, Democrat Marie Beren, a top election official in Philadelphia, was charged with multiple counts of voter fraud and conspiracy. Beren served as a “judge of elections” which essentially is the head of a polling place. She engaged in multiple illegal activities such as casting votes herself in other people’s names, advising in-person voters to support a certain candidate and encouraging voters to cast additional votes from family members who were not present. She and other workers would also add names to the poll books of people who never even came into the polling place in order to falsely match the number of fake votes cast. She and other workers engaged in this activity from 2015-2019. Prosecutors noted that fraud occurred “at every level of government, from municipal to state to federal.”

North Carolina: Republican
North Carolina was no stranger to election tampering. L.McCrae Dowless Jr. was convicted of voter fraud in 2016 and 2018, sentenced to prison and fined. In the 2018 primary election, he and his political operatives collected ballots from voters which were kept at his home. They would fill in votes on parts or all of some ballots to favor certain Republican candidates, specifically Republican Mark Harris who was running for North Carolina’s 9th congressional district. They also forged some witness signatures following Dowless’s directions to utilize steps to avoid detection. This included controlling the color of the pens used for the witness signatures, signing a different person’s name as a witness to avoid having the same person as witness to too many ballots and making sure to deliver no more than nine ballots in each visit to the post office. They also made sure they used post offices near where the voters lived. Mark Harris won the initial election but when this ballot fraud was uncovered a new election was called. Harris did not run again. He was not charged with election fraud.

Virginia: Democrat
In Virginia, Fairfax County Democrat election officials issued ballots for voters who failed to comply with the state’s legal requirement that they include the final four digits of their Social Security numbers on their applications for a mail-in or absentee ballot. This was a clear violation of election law. The state court refused to proscribe the Fairfax County officials, with the conclusion that the nonprofit Virginia Institute for Public Policy lacked “standing”, or the right to sue, over the violation. Glenn Youngkin, Republican, won the governor’s race in 2021, and so this issue may seem moot. But it shouldn’t be. Illegalities should be exposed and called out regardless of if the ensuing consequences are small or large.

New Jersey: Democrat
In 2020, four Democrats were charged and arrested for a mail-in ballot election fraud scheme in New Jersey. Two of them were Paterson City Council members. Charges included unauthorized possession of ballots, tampering with and falsifying public records, as well as false registrations.

Florida: Republican
In Florida, Republican canvassers changed the party registration of more than 100 voters without their consent in 2021. These were voters from low-income housing projects throughout Miami.

Connecticut: Democrat
In 2017, Michael DeFilippo, a Democrat and landlord, stole voter registrations and absentee ballots from college students in his building and forged their signatures in order to vote for himself for a city council seat. He was indicted for election fraud and faces up to 85 years in prison.

Maryland: Republican
In Maryland, in 2011, Paul Schurick, was the campaign manager for the Republican gubernatorial candidate, Robert L. Ehrlich, who ultimately lost in the general election. But Schurick was convicted of authorizing robocalls
on Election Day that used false information to discourage 112,000 registered Democrats in largely black Baltimore and in Prince George County from voting in 2010.

Missouri: Democrat
In 2016, Penny Hubbard ran as a Democrat in a primary race in Missouri’s 78th House District. She won by only 90 votes. This was contested by Bruce Franks Jr, her opponent. Upon investigation, it was found that Hubbard won due to a lopsided absentee vote count which heavily favored her. A judge ruled that enough illegitimate absentee votes had been cast to affect the outcome. A new election was held, and Franks easily beat Hubbard by a margin of 1,500 votes.

In his book, “Dirty Little Secrets”, political analyst Larry Sabato noted that Republican election fraud is less common than Democrat fraud. The reason? Republican voters tend to be middle class and not easily induced to commit fraud while “the pool of people who appear to be available and more vulnerable to an invitation to participate in vote fraud tend to lean Democratic.” In addition, Paul Herrison, director of the Center for American Politics at the University of Maryland, stated that “most incidents of wide-scale voter fraud reportedly occur in inner cities, which are largely populated by minority groups.”

Election experts, Hans von Spakovsky and John Fund in their book, “Who’s Counting?” stated that “Democrats are far more skilled at encouraging poor people- who need money- to participate in vote-buying schemes. “I had no choice. I was hungry that day,” Thomas Felder told the Miami Herald, in explaining why he illegally voted in a mayoral election. “You wanted the money; you were told who to vote for.” And sometimes, it’s not just food that vote stealers are hungry for.

A former Democratic congressman told one of these authors, “When many Republicans lose an election, they go back into what they call the private sector. When many Democrats lose an election, they lose power and money. They need to eat, and people will do an awful lot in order to eat.”

Abraham Lincoln once wisely said: “Elections belong to the people. It’s their decision. If they decide to turn their back on the fire and burn their behinds, then they will just have to sit on their blisters.”

It’s time to call a halt to election fraud regardless of who does it or where it occurs. But make no mistake about. Most election fraud is committed by Democrats.

To conclude otherwise would indeed be a “fraud-ian slip” Especially after the election to end all elections in terms of fraud- the November 2020 election!


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