Part 4: “Who Do These People Think They Are? They Work for Us!”

Authored by Becky Behrends and published on 100% Fed Up on Jul 9, 2022

In Part 3 of a 4 part series on left wing journalism, we examined leftist attacks on Kristina Karamo who is a black, female conservative running for secretary of state in Michigan. 

In this final article, Part 4,  we will discuss comments  made in reference to transgenders and election fraud as mentioned in a June 6  Detroit Free Press Article, entitled, “Your Week in Metro Detroit: Uncovering Kristina Karamo: The MAGA Warrior” and a May 31st article entitled “Michigan SOS candidate Kristina Karamo: I’m a Little MAGA Warrior”.

The reporter noted that Karamo referred to transgender people as “mentally ill adults playing dress up”.  Karamo has a no holds barred approach to the topic of transgenders and the LGBTQ lifestyle.  She has stated that “God did not intend for people to be transgender” and she hits back at the LGBTQ push to use the education system to promote their values and ideology, particularly in reference to youth and children. Her views resonate with millions of Americans, whether the prevailing woke cultural media world likes it or not.  The mental illness which Karamo referred to is gender dysphoria and has long been recognized as such.  Psychotherapeutic efforts to help a person accept their biologic sex are classified as “conversion therapy” and thus widely denounced as evil and abusive.  In fact, 24 states ban the use of psychological therapy to treat this condition. This is despite a long history of the success of such therapy.  Instead, the woke gender fluid train steams full bore ahead with chemical and surgical transition of children and youth with puberty blockers, cross sex hormones and sex-reassignment surgery.  Now, there are a growing number of adults with “regret” that they underwent transition and are seeking to be de-transitioned.  Most children outgrow gender dysphoria.  Those who seek to be de-transitioned are calling the affirmation of their gender confusion by parents and professionals the equivalent of child abuse.  Physicians are fighting back in calling out the dangers of  transgender ideology.  This is a hot button issue all across America and we believe Karamo is on the right side of history in regards to this.

The Detroit Free Press reporter also debunked Karamo’s assertions of election misconduct and fraud in November 2020. She referred to Karamo mistaking “standard processes for something nefarious.”  There was nothing “standard” about the corrupt events that happened at the TCF Center during the 2020 election.  As an example, what is standard about using default 1/1/1900 birthdates for place holders for late arriving ballots which obviously raised concerns that these were “voters” who were not registered?  MC4EI and 100% FedUp clearly debunked this “place holder” notion based upon research conducted with various clerks in the metro Detroit area.

What is acceptable and standard about the following?

  • DOE officials refusing to accept and document challenges of countless GOP challengers?
  • Accepting ballots by the thousands that did not appear in the electronic poll book or supplemental lists.?
  • Fraudulently filling out blank ballots and sequestering Trump ballots?
  • Failing to provide GOP challengers with meaningful access to viewing computer screens within 6 ft despite a court ruling permitting them to do so?
  • Allowing a late-night ballot drop many hours after the close of polls?
  • Abusing, threatening, and intimidating GOP challengers?
  • To permit the adjudication of rejected ballots and the duplication of blank ballots without a Republican being present?
  • Engaging in a war of bullying tactics leading to attrition of GOP challengers? Anything to distract, disrupt and intimidate them to get them to leave the premises.
  • Falsely claiming that the Republicans were breaking windows and calling in a heavily armed swat team as a response? All in a concentrated effort to label the Republicans as the violent aggressors when it fact it was the opposite? (This is especially rich, given how “social justice” was the excuse given to direct the police to stand down and allow widespread crimes, several billion dollars of property destruction and even deaths in the post-Floyd riots off the summer of 2020— but Republicans possibly breaking windows?  Call in the swat team stat!!!)
  • To selectively admit Democrat operatives, lawyers and challengers into TCF but refusing re-entry of GOP challengers after lunch breaks thus inflating the numbers to exclude them with covid as the excuse?
  • To use no chain of custody in the transfer of thousands of AV ballots across town despite best practices recommendations by the Election Assistance Commission?

This is just a partial list as much more has been abundantly documented and attested to. Karamo was absolutely correct in calling out the election as fraudulent and totally unacceptable.  Because she is fearless in doing so, she is able to inspire an audience with her honesty and authenticity.

A score of affidavits and sworn testimony attested to the fact that nothing was standard or typical for how the election was handled at the TCF center in the 2020 election.  Karamo was an eye witness to this as well as scores of other citizens, regardless of the mindless parroting of the legacy media that the election was the most secure in history.  If there was an honest non-biased investigative examination of the over 200 affidavits, there would be a much different assessment of what happened in Detroit in the 2020 election.  This is meticulously detailed in the TCF Timeline report by Phil O’Halloran of MC4EI.

In conclusion, we end this series of 4 articles with where we started in revealing the biased and left wing intent in placing young liberal reporters in cities and towns all over America as part of the Report for America initiative of the GroundTruth Project.  It is an attempt to normalize leftist ideologies and narratives into the American psyche.  George Orwell once said, “So much of left-wing thought is a kind of playing with fire by people who don’t even know that fire is hot.” This is what will happen if Americans are not on guard and push back.  It has been said that “extreme ideologies give people the green light to behave appallingly.”  Kristina Karamo gets a thumbs up for challenging these false narratives and harmful ideologies.  She electrified the audience at a Trump rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan in April 2022, when, in referring to the Michigan state officials censoring any discussion of election fraud, she said, “Who do these people think they are? They work for us!”  And so, Kristina Karamo may well be on track to be our first female black secretary of state in Michigan. And, working for “us”, we the people!


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