TCF Timeline Introduction: What REALLY Happened in Detroit’s 2020 Election?

TCF Timeline Introduction

Published: October 24, 2021

What is known as the “illusory truth effect” is much in play in mainstream media.  This is the tendency to believe false information to be correct after repeated exposure.  To claim that there was fraud in the 2020 election is the so called “Big Lie”. Thus, the notion of the “Big Lie” has entered the pantheon of the Gods.  It is not to be debated or disputed.  Hands off!  Except, there is one problem.  The notion of the “Big Lie” is simply not true.

This is the introduction to an explosive report which will be released, “TCF Timeline-The 2020 General Election in Detroit”. Phillip O’Halloran, who was present as a GOP challenger on election day, presents a detailed analysis of what occurred.  This is a story that was told, but not heard in the legacy media.

Illegal ballot harvesting was condoned and assisted by Department of Election employees, in front of election headquarters.

There was no chain of custody, as evident from observers monitoring the flow of ballots from the clerk’s office and satellite voting locations to the TCF center.

There was rampant, coordinated discrimination, intimidation and interference against Republican poll workers and challengers.

Ballots were tabulated for voters not appearing in registration files.

There was improper or fraudulent ballot management practices including alterations, backdated ballot envelopes, unsupervised duplications, repeat tabulations, verification violations and ballot numbers appearing in sequence.  It was estimated that thousands of ballots were involved.

There was improper third party influence of Mark Zuckerberg money (via Center for Tech and Civic Life, ie CTCL)  across the nation, which was heavily distributed in Michigan especially.  This was for the purpose of funding ballot collection sites in traditionally Democrat dominated jurisdictions. This grant of money had “claw back” provisions and was withdrawn if not spent in the manner determined by CTCL.

Ballot dumps in the middle of the night with subsequent spikes in vote tabulations for Biden was falsely explained as the delivery of camera equipment and food. Videos and testimony say otherwise.

A whopping 72% of precincts was noted to be out of balance in Detroit. This means that the number of votes in the tabulators didn’t match the number of ballots in their containers.  And yet, under Michigan law, a precinct that is out of balance cannot be

subjected to a hand recount.  In other words, if irregularities are found that would compromise the integrity of the election results, a proper audit cannot be done! Incredible, but this is business as usual in Detroit and has occurred in past elections also.

Over 150 affidavits and eye witness testimony exists from GOP poll challengers and workers all attesting to the same common themes.

GOP challenger Kristina E. Karamo attempted to challenge a ballot that was double voted.  There were clear marks on the ballot for both Democrat and Republican on a straight ticket.  When this occurs, two adjudicators, one from each political party, decide basically whether to accept or reject the ballot.  The Democrat adjudicator decided arbitrarily to make it a Democrat straight ticket.  Karamo objected and stated that under Michigan law, the ballot should be disqualified.  A high ranking supervisor got involved and when Karamo said “why not give it to the Republican?”, the supervisor “began to scream at me, telling me not to talk with her.  Then he instructed the Democrat poll worker to “push it through”, when the ballot legally should have been rejected.”  Kristine Karamo. a black Republican woman, is currently seeking the Republican nomination for Secretary of State.  Her experience at TCF was by no means an isolated incident. 

If the election of 2020 was the “most secure and honest election ever”, one might ask, what would a fraudulent election look like then?  The events at the TCF center served as a clear example as it demonstrated gross violations of Michigan law. It was, by any measure, an entirely lopsided, thoroughly biased affair, in which every violation of procedure, every bending of the rules, every winking at infractions and every official lie was squarely in favor of the Democrat candidates.

After the election of 2016, Democrats were very concerned about fraud and inaccurate vote counts.  “This kind of negligence is absolutely unacceptable, state Rep. Sherry Gay-Dagnogo, D- Detroit, said in a statement.  “Yes, everyone makes mistakes.  but these mistakes, in aggregate, called in question the integrity of this election….that is shameful.” Even the Mayor of Detroit, Mike Duggan, jumped into the fray, saying, “We can’t have that happen again.  It was terrible.  Everybody in the city knows it was terrible.”  Yet, we are now supposed to believe that a miraculous correction of all the inaccuracies and violations of state law has occurred in 2020?  Has the 2016 narrative slipped down a Democrat memory hole?

Is it any wonder that grass root citizens and legislators across the nation are calling for full forensic audits?  The notion of the Big Lie continues to dominate the national narrative.  Yet, the Republican grass root citizens who were present at the TCF Center in Detroit on election day have a much different narrative to share.  It needs to be heard. Michigan Citizens for Election Integrity will provide this narrative through the soon to be released TCF Timeline report (  In the words of James Madison, “The advancement and diffusion of knowledge is the only guardian of true liberty.” 


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