Biden’s Weak Response to the Chinese Spy Balloon

Authored by Becky Behrends, M.D. Vice President of Research for Michigan Citizens for Election Integrity (MC4EI).

Feb 5, 2023 – Originally published on 100 Percent Fed Up

In the wake of the US military takedown of the Chinese spy balloon today, Americans are rightly outraged that the balloon was allowed to traverse nearly the entire US airspace. This is part and parcel of a dangerous trend starting with Obama and now continuing with demented Biden as US President surrounded by pro-Chinese socialists.

At a Department of Defense (DOD) briefing earlier in the week, the following was revealed:

This balloon is NOT a weather balloon;

– it is a surveillance balloon. It is the size of three buses.
– It was traversing over defensive ICBM sites, likely mapping them out for potential targeting.
– It was a violation of US airspace
– It was a violation of international law
– If it is shot down, it might endanger American citizens

DOD officials tried to downplay the significance of the ballon by saying that China already has spy satellites in low earth orbit that are capable of offering similar or better intelligence. So why worry about a high-altitude balloon at 60,000 ft?

But it does endanger American citizens if a high-altitude balloon has a greater capacity to gather more significant data at a lower altitude than even compared to low orbit Chinese satellites, which some studies suggest. Otherwise, why use them for surveillance? Yet, mainstream US media, in typical fashion, was quick to be the lap dogs for Chinese excuses such as:

“It was a civilian airship used for meteorological purposes.”

“It entered US airspace accidentally”

China’s foreign ministry warned against “deliberate speculation”

“China is a responsible country”

If it wasn’t deemed critical enough to shoot it down over land, particularly over non-populated areas, then why shoot it down at all when it was over the Atlantic Ocean? Maybe to squash the growing uproar over the lackluster Biden-dominated military response? It was likely more of a political rather than a military decision, therefore, to take the balloon down.

China watchers say that the US views conciliatory measures toward China as a positive thing that will be reciprocated. But, in reality, China views our “magnanimity” as a weakness to be exploited.

China may not only be gathering sensitive data about US military installations, but their intent may be to judge our response to their provocations. Especially as they ramp up to invade Taiwan in a year or two which many military experts are worried about.

Encourage North Korea to send a missile over Japan; see how the US responds.

Flex Chinese military strength in Taiwanese waters; see how the US responds.

Kevin McCarthy was warned by China he had better not go to Taiwan; see how the US responds.

Send a surveillance balloon over the US; see how the US responds.

All this in an effort to look for a trend in the Biden administration’s response or lack thereof to provocations.

This writer recalls reading the memoirs of Hitler’s henchman Albert Speer, many years ago. The conclusion of Hitler’s inner circle after they invaded Czechoslovakia was that the west, apparently, was not going to do anything in response. So, the green light was given to continue steamrolling through Europe for the Nazis. And the rest is history.

Anti-military liberals and leftists constantly blather away about “authoritarian figures and dictators” who pull the trigger too fast when provoked instead of nicely negotiating. But not responding early on to aggression is actually much more dangerous in the long run.

Mark Milley, the US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, advised Biden not to respond to the Chinese spy balloon. How much confidence can we have in Milley when it is known that he contacted his counterpart in the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and told them that he thought Trump was unstable and that if Trump ordered him to go to a higher Defcon status, he would alert the Chinese about it and not follow Trump’s order? (Defcon is the US military’s ranking system for defense readiness for a potential nuclear attack). By saying that Trump was “unstable,” did Milley mean that he was not in the pocket of the Chinese and following the deep state sell-out to them? If so, that is an act of treason on Milley’s part.

How much can we trust our own Pentagon officials when they supposedly assured Biden in June of 2022 that the Afghanistan army was secure and stable against Taliban intrusions? And the Afghanistan withdrawal was impressive and well done?!!

Military recruitment in the US is dangerously at an all-time low due to multiple reasons. It has been deemed a “crisis,” in fact. Mainstream media, with its leftist ideology, does little to promote the virtues of military service. Widespread obesity and mental health issues in our youth diminish those who can qualify for military service. A Heritage Foundation analysis in April of 2022 noted that a new Army private earned about $11 an hour and usually worked a 60 hr week. In contrast, Amazon and other companies offered packages of at least $15 an hour, fully funded college tuition, health care, and 20 weeks of fully paid parental leave. And the military is now awash in “wokeness. “ Lowered physical fitness standards, preoccupation with race and pronouns, diversity, equity, and inclusion, to name a few. Most of the usual military recruits come from rural and poor areas of the nation. Why should they spend their time being lectured about white privilege and be made to “apologize” for being white? And why should sane men and women want to work in a military that, rather than winning, is likely to get them killed?

Take a look at a US military recruitment film vs. a Chinese one. If you thought the first priority of the US military was to protect America, think again. Seems like they are more preoccupied with political, gender, and racial correctness. If we are in a war, we want to have confidence that our military members really know how to fight and are capable of doing so

Watch the incredible and stark comparisons of a Chinese Military recruitment ad, a Russian Military recruitment ad, and finally, a US Military recruitment ad.

Obama’s “hot mike” incident in South Korea was a harbinger of the dangerous response we are seeing with Biden and the Democrats in dealing with matters of national security. Remember that on that occasion, Obama told the Russian President, Medvedev, that “he would have more flexibility, “particularly with missile defense,” to negotiate with Putin after the election.” In addition, Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State along with Obama, preached about a Russian “reset.” What that amounted to was dismantling our missile defense system in central Europe. Thus, it was no surprise that Putin invaded Ukraine in 2014. Obama refused to send offensive weapons to the Ukrainians. Trump did send offensive weapons. Who was the one truly “colluding with Russia”? Not Trump, apparently. And Putin’s second invasion of Ukraine followed in the wake of our disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal, leaving billions of dollars of weapons, airplanes, tanks, and high-tech equipment. Reports have surfaced that Putin has purchased much of it from the Taliban, who now control it.

And so, in summary, Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and China’s brazen invasion of US airspace should be no surprise. The question is, what will it take to wake Americans up to the danger we are in as a nation with leftist Democrats in charge of our military and national security?

As George S. Patton once said:

“If you want an army to fight and risk death, you’ve got to get up there and lead it. An army is like spaghetti. You can’t push a piece of spaghetti; you’ve got to pull it.”

That leadership is lacking from Biden and Milley, among others in the Pentagon. May Americans remember this as we head into the 2024 elections.


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