White Male Sues Seattle for Racial Harassment and Discrimination

Authored by Becky Behrends, M.D. Vice President of Research for Michigan Citizens for Election Integrity (MC4EI).

Feb 21, 2023 – Originally published on 100 Percent Fed Up

It is a nightmare for conservatives to work in “progressive” workplaces.  Consider what Joshua Diemart had to endure.

In 2013, Diemart was hired by the city of Seattle as a program intake representative.  The job entailed connecting city residents to public resources.  After nine years, he recently quit because of the persistent racial harassment and discrimination he experienced.  In November 2022, he filed a lawsuit against the city of Seattle, claiming that the racially hostile work environment was harming his mental and physical health.

Diemart was required to participate in antiracism training under the umbrella of the city government’s Racial and Social Justice Initiative (RSJI).   The premise behind this is that people should NOT be judged as individuals but as members of a collective race.  If you judge a person as an individual, you are engaging in white supremacy to oppress people of color. 

Got that?  Is your head exploding yet?  The first thing to do is to ditch the word that the left has hijacked, which is “progressive.”  Progressive used to – or should mean the following: advanced, improved, evolved, developed, educated.  If you go against leftist “progressive” ideology, you are non-progressive, lower, primitive or retarded.

In reality, leftist ideology, including their politics on racial and social justice, is REGRESSIVE.  Let’s call it what it is.

Regressive leftist ideology lists the following attributes, to name a few, as evidence of white supremacy culture:



a sense of urgency

writing things down

worshipping the written word

believing in objectivity

protestant work ethic


dismissing emotionalism

the notion of the nuclear family

Leftist city governments, such as Seattle, are using this regressive ideology to beat employees over the head with labels of racist and white supremacists to guilt trip and shame them. 

In the case of Joshua Diemert, he stated that a supervisor berated him for refusing to step down and yield his job to a POC (person of color).  The frequent anti-racism training he was required to participate in includes such items as “Check Your Privilege Bingo”:

Privilege Bingo- Pacific Legal Foundation

Diemart was also required to frequently stand up in front of everyone and rank himself within a racist continuum.

If you refused to participate, your behavior was labeled as “white silence,” a serious “no-no”!!  If you disagreed, you were told you had cognitive dissonance.  If you became defensive, it was evidence you were being a racist white supremacist.

Color blindness is not a good thing, according to regressive leftist ideology.   In fact, they label color blindness as the “new racism.”  Because, in their view, it justifies arguing against affirmative action or any race-based remedy to historical injustices.  Color blindness is “centering whiteness.” 

Therefore, based on this “stretch of the brain cells,” bogus thinking, Diemart noted that one colleague rejected a qualified white candidate from a public assistance program because they had “white privilege.” 

Diemart reported it to a supervisor, but nothing was done about it.

When the Covid-19 pandemic struck, supervisors openly discussed the necessary layoffs that would be required- starting with white employees, using RSJI (Racial and Social Justice Initiative) as a pretext.  

Training sessions felt more like struggle sessions. At one workshop, “Undoing Institutional Racism,” white people were described as devils and cannibals with racism in their DNA, according to Diemert. Another session, “Internalized Racial Superiority,” was targeted specifically at white and white-identifying employees.

Trump supporters and people who cherish traditional American values are viewed as examples of this “new racism.”  The assertion is that they are using these values to disguise their inherent prejudices and bigotry.  In other words, conservatives are just a bunch of “cranky old white people”  who adhere to traditional principles and values as a sham to hide their racism.  The left has done a real snow job on the American public with this nonsense.  Even conservative intellectuals are jumping on this bandwagon with the charge that the Republican party is doomed because conservative principles have been corrupted by “white nationalism.”  They suggest a new conservatism that champions limited government but “more diversity” as well. 

What these leftists and conservative intellectuals (“so-called”) don’t seem to get is the issue is not racism but the inherent unfairness of a race-conscious agenda.  As one writer stated, “At the deepest level, racial politics owes its shape not to beliefs or stereotypes distinctively about blacks but to the broader set of convictions about fairness and fair play that make up the American Creed.”

The charge of covert racism is destructive.  It has created such an emotional backlash that many Americans have now developed negative feelings toward minority groups.  Whites are reacting angrily to a race-conscious agenda that has been shoved down their throats in every sphere of society.  And the longer these charges of racism are leveled at whites, the greater the backlash and the likelihood of fomenting real racism.  Traditional racism is based on the premise that whites are superior.  Overt racism is widely disapproved of in today’s society.  If whites are taking issue with this charge of “covert, new racism,” it is because it is inherently unfair, not because they are racist.   They don’t buy the racist notion perpetrated by Barack Obama that “racism is in our DNA.” 

People are getting fed up with racial identity politics.  But what is even more concerning is the larger issue behind all of the racial delegitimizing, labeling, and stereotyping of the left.  That issue is that the left is calling into question the integrity of the principles of American society itself.   They are promoting the idea that  contemporary racism is a byproduct of those time-tested and widely valued American principles, such as:



The desire to achieve and excel


Too often, intellectual, power-holding conservatives are responding to these charges and assertions by trying to be conciliatory on policy, ignoring and not responding to the labels, deflecting the labeling by jumping on board the stigma train, and labeling other republicans as sexists, homophobes, fascists.  Particularly if those republicans were Trump supporters, Tea Party members, or the religious right. 

Such conservatives need to get over it!  They are only digging the racist hole deeper for themselves.  Because everyone who is not a liberal or leftist is branded a racist. Period.  As conservatives, they have already been labeled and delegitimized. And so has the history of America’s founding, individualism, free markets, personal responsibility, Christianity, you name it.  Groupthink has won the day in all the major cultural institutions in America.  People are afraid of being stigmatized, so they go along with this destructive dictatorial force inundating American society.  

Conservatives are now the scapegoats.  As the liberal/leftist agenda continues to train wreck, they will play the blame/shame game with conservatives as their targets.  Leftists cause the mess, point the finger toward conservatives, and rant and rave when decent, principled law-abiding, religious-oriented citizens try to clean up their mess.  

How do we fight this?  Conservatives need to stop fighting among themselves, realize the social psychology strategies that have been used against them, and unite in force to stop it.  

Joshua Diemart is on the right path.  Bring lawsuits. 

 In addition, swarm the offices of legislators.  Inundate news media with pushback with comments.  Create focus groups in communities all over America to educate the public on what is happening.  Slam corporate boardrooms and shareholder proposals with demands for recognition of conservative principles.  Fight to get conservative clubs on college campuses.  Show up at K-12 school board meetings and use the 3-minute allotment for public speaking to actually speak!!

The left despises “white silence”??  SPEAK UP!  They will soon wish we would all keep silent!

Let’s get busy, fellow Americans!


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