My name is…………… and I welcome this opportunity to address our school board members.

I think it is important for you as school board members to ask questions and probe every aspect of the various programs the school district is engaged in.  No one who identifies as an expert on a subject should be immune to questions and challenges. Often a different perspective or insight results from a civil discussion of the facts when questions and challenges are presented.  Yes, you as school board members may not know everything, but neither do the experts!

Let me also speak to the issue of the Great Schools Initiative (GSI).

Childhood used to be a time of innocence. Unfortunately as our culture has become more and more sexualized, children have become the casualties of adult exploitation. 

Efforts to expose children to what many parents consider is age-inappropriate content and to make parental notification opt-out difficult or impossible – undermines a parents’ constitutional right to control their children’s education on sensitive topics such as human sexuality.

Public schools should not be the place where children are exposed to radical sexual ideologies.  Transgender ideology, gender fluidity concepts, use of pronouns is, yes, considered radical by millions of Americans.  It is bad enough that this is being shoved down the throats of adults as the “new norm”.  But it is especially horrific that children, the rising generation, are being immersed in this.

Yes, I am well aware that citizens such as me – in expressing my opinion will be labeled as hateful, homophobic, right wing extremist and emotionally unhinged.

So be it!  Labels are resorted to when people can’t address the issue at hand with sound reasoning and thought. 

The Great Schools Initiative is seeking to call out school districts for letting the sexualization of children creep into their classrooms.  Since the regular opt-out forms don’t properly protect children from this unacceptable exposure, it is a welcome event that parents are taking matters into their own hands with other opt-out forms such as the one GSI provides. 

School teachers, administrators, and school boards should not be dictatorial on this matter with “ either take our forms, or else”.  The Michigan Department of Education is wrong on this issue and needs to be called out.


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