At What Point Do We Call Out the RINOs and Idiots for Not Seeing the Massive Democrat Voter Fraud?

Authored by Jim Hoft and published in Gateway Pundit on Jan 2, 2023


Joe Biden won a record low number of counties in the United States by an alleged “winner” in 2020 – winning only 17% of the counties in the US.
Biden won fewer counties than Barack Obama in his 2008 record-setting election.

President Trump won 2496 counties in 2020, Joe Biden on 477.

Trump won 84% of America, Biden “won” 16%.

From his tweet: From 1984 through 2016, spanning presidential elections, seventeen US counties in several states ad voted for the winning presidential candidate in an astounding 148 of 153 times including 100% five times for five different presidents:

1984 Reagan
1996 Clinton
2000 Bush
2012 Obama
2016 Trump

In 2020, amid widespread accusations of Democrat cheating, these bellwethers were not even close — checking in at a mind-blowing 6%!
Only 1 of 17 bellwether counties went for Biden this year!

And get this…
Of the 17 bellwether counties — the margin of win by President Trump was 16 points on average!

Trump won Ohio, Florida and Iowa handily something EVERY winning candidate has accomplished since 1960.

According to The New York Post — Nationally, preliminary numbers indicated that 26 percent of Trump’s voting share came from nonwhite voters — the highest percentage for a GOP presidential candidate since 1960.

And President Trump made “sizeable” gains with large populations of Latinos and residents of Asian descent, including ones with the highest numbers of immigrants.

As The Gateway Pundit reported there was also evidence – confirmed by The Gateway Pundit – of an extensive ballot trafficking network used by Democrats to stuff the ballot boxes.

SHOCKING VIDEO! Via MC4EI and Gateway Pundit — 13 Minutes of Never-Before-Seen Footage of Ballot Trafficking in Detroit, Michigan – Including Postal Workers!

The Gateway Pundit also obtained exclusive video of late-night ballot drops in Detroit of tens of thousands of mysterious ballots after the ballots inside the center had already been counted.


In 2022 in Arizona – Katie Hobbs refused to campaign and refused to debate popular Republican Kari Lake.

On election day 61% of precincts had machines crash and stop working. Republican voters were turned away.

Republicans had 72% of the turnout that day while Democrats had 17% of the turnout.

But the counting after the election favored Democrats – an impossibility.

Beyond ALL ODDS Democrats reportedly had amazing success in the 2020 and 2022 elections.

We can go on-and-on about these impossible facts, figures, and likely criminal events that took place in the last two elections.

The mainstream media NEVER covered any of these facts. The elite media TRULY is the enemy of the people today.

The media elites want you to believe that it is completely normal for a party to win more seats when the economy is the worst 40 years, gas prices are the highest ever, the stock-band markets had their worst losses since 1871, foreign policy is a disaster, and we have a president who gropes children.

But that is not an excuse for the American public to be oblivious to the facts at hand.

It certainly does not excuse Republicans from living in a “bubble” where they still trust election results. They live in a paradigm where they can not see that Democrats are cheating, and cheating big!

If this trend continues America will look like any other banana republic in a few short years. Democrats are already silencing their detractors and jailing Trump supporters for standing outside the US Capitol on January 6th.

There is no excuse for blindness when you have two functioning eyes.

On Sunday Dade Phelan, the Republican Speaker of the Texas House, posted an attack on President Trump, blaming Trump for the 2022 losses.

What did Dade Phelan do with his time the last 9 months? Was he hitting the campaign trail across America, spending his time and money to support Republican candidates?

And, more importantly, is Dade Phelan with the Republican Party in believing there was no voter fraud in the 2020 or 2022?

At some point these ignorant people must be called out. Our country is dying and it’s not because of Trump or our candidates.

These fraud-deniers need to wake up. Before it’s too late.,facts%20at%20hand.


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