Hey, Bill Barr!… BREAKING: Surveillance Video Shows Man Wearing Street Clothes Exiting Passenger Seat of Post Office Truck In Detroit…Dumps Stack of Ballots In Dropbox TWICE! [VIDEO]

Authored by Patty McMurray and published in 100% Fed Up and Gateway Pundit on June 13, 2022

Earlier this afternoon former AG Bill Barr laughed hysterically when he was asked about the evidence of voter fraud presented by “2000 Mules” during his pre-recorded testimony at the Jan 6 show trial.

“Uh, the election was not stolen by fraud. And I haven’t seen anything since the election that changes my mind on that, including the ‘2000 Mules’ movie,” Barr said as he laughed hysterically.

Barr cited the lack of photographic evidence. And then mocked the geo-tracking cell phone data.

Clearly, Bill Barr has no idea how geo-tracking works or about the precision of the data obtained by the True the Vote investigators.

The Gateway Pundit and 100 Percent Fed Up with the help of the investigative team at Mc4EI, have released several videos showing individuals jamming multiple ballots into drop boxes as well as two close-up videos of individuals who appear to be signing the envelopes of other people’s ballots.

Today, we present yet another stunning discovery at an absentee ballot drop box at the Liberty Temple satellite voting center in Detroit.

In the video below, a man dressed in street clothes exits the front passenger seat of a postal worker’s truck and stuffs a large stack of ballots into the absentee ballot drop box in Detroit. In a second video taken on the same day, the same man exits the passenger side of the USPS truck and delivers more ballots into the slot of the drop box. In this video, you can clearly see he is recording the drop on his cell phone in his left hand.

This one’s for you Bill Barr..


On October 29, a US Postal worker can be seen making 4 trips to the Liberty Center satellite voting center in Detroit. The final trip was made in a private vehicle. Although the people making the deliveries are not the same, the number on the front of the US Post Office vehicle is the same!

On April 20, Jim Hoft of the Gateway Pundit and Patty McMurray of 100 Percent Fed Up interviewed Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips to ask about the incredible work they did to uncover a massive coordinated criminal ring that was spread across several critical swing states Trump won in 2016, but curiously, lost in 2020.

Thanks to the hard work and commitment of the Michigan Citizens For Election Integrity (MC4EI) and their team, who poured over hours of dropbox footage, the Gateway Pundit and 100 Percent Fed Up were able to provide footage from the drop boxes in Detroit to True the Vote to be used in the “2000 Mules” movie.

In Michigan, according to M.C.L.A. 168.764a: An immediate family member or household member may deliver a ballot to the clerk for the voter.

In the video below, a woman, who is the passenger in a silver sedan, can be seen pulling up to the Farwell Recreation Center at 2711 E. Outer Drive in Detroit, MI. The camera catches her leaving the parked vehicle and walking with a stack of ballots in her hand to the absentee ballot dropbox. As she approaches the dropbox, a person behind her pulls up, rolls down the window, and appears to hand her a ballot (or ballots?) to drop in the box. She appears to take the ballot (or ballots?) and places it (them) into the dropbox for the person in the vehicle behind her. Next, she looks down at her stack of ballots and realizes they have not been signed. She takes the ballots back to the vehicle and fishes for a pen. Once she locates a pen, she begins to sign each individual ballot and stack them on the dashboard. When the video is slowed down, the pen she is signing the ballots with is visible to the camera.

After she’s signed all four ballots, she positions them in a neat pile (likely so it’s not obvious to the camera observing the dropbox that she’s carrying more than one ballot) and walks back to the dropbox and inserts them into the slot, and walks away.

Watch the incredible scene unfold here:

On May 20, we released another exclusive video from October 28, 2020 surveillance footage at a dropbox footage at the Balduck satellite voting center in Detroit, MI.

At 4:35, a female driving a blue Toyota with a red air freshener hanging from her rear-view mirror drove up to an absentee ballot drop box at the Balduck satellite voting center in Detroit, MI. A female passenger emerges from her vehicle with a large stack of what appears to be absentee ballots. The female passenger struggles to deposit multiple ballots at one time into the drop box slot and can actually be seen tearing one of the envelopes as she attempts to jam too many ballots into the slot at once. The slots in the drop boxes are supposed to be designed to accept one ballot at a time. The female passenger eventually completes her deposit of the large stack of ballots, and they pull away.

On the same day, at 5:11, only 26 minutes later, she appears again at the same absentee Ballot Dropbox; this time, however, she is alone. She deposits a single ballot while holding a cellphone up, as she appears to be taking a photo of herself depositing the ballot.

Then again, only 21 minutes later, at 5:32 PM, the same woman appears at the drop box, but this time, she has a sizable stack of ballots that she deposits into the Balduck satellite voting center drop box.

She appears again at the Balduck drop box the next day with another stack of ballots, but this time, she is preceded by a red Toyota pick up truck with a driver and passenger in the front seat. The red pickup drives up to the ballot box but never gets out of the vehicle. Instead, the passenger, who is wearing a face mask, rolls down the window and holds two cell phones in her hand. One cell phone [camera?] is pointed at the satellite voting center and the other appears to be pointed at the drop box. The passenger pulls the phones back into the vehicle, inspects them and then repeats the process (perhaps the first images weren’t clear). As the red pickup truck drives away from the drop box, they pass the woman seen driving to the Balduck drop box three times the previous day. She exits her vehicle with a stack of ballots, deposits them into the absentee ballot drop box, and drives away.

Watch here:

In another exclusive video released by the Gateway Pundit and 100 Percent Fed Up, two women can be seen walking through a parking lot at 10:40 AM on November 2, 2020 (the day before the election) at the Heilmann Recreation Center satellite voting center in Detroit. The woman wearing a green sweater carries a large stack of what appears to be absentee ballots as she walks toward a drop box. The woman accompanying her is wearing medical scrubs (possible nurse, nursing home employee, or costume), and as she gets closer to the drop box, she reaches into the pants pocket of her scrubs and pulls out a cell phone. Once they arrive at the drop box, the woman in the green sweater begins to drop the absentee ballot envelopes into the slot on the drop box, as the woman wearing the scrubs positions her cellphone over the woman’s hands, as she appears to film the activity.

After dropping the large stack of absentee ballot envelopes into the drop box, they leave the camera’s view as they appear to walk into the Heilmann satellite voting center, where voter registration and in-person early voting are taking place. Many people who’ve viewed this footage have questioned why the women stopped at the drop box to deposit their absentee envelopes when they appeared to be making a trip into the voting center? Why didn’t they just take the ballots inside with them? In the following clip that we’ve included in this video, the women are seen leaving the satellite voting center with a large stack of white paper (blank ballots?) carried by the woman in the green sweater as they walk back to their vehicle in the parking lot.

Note that throughout the video, both women who are OUTDOORS are wearing face masks, but when they get back inside the vehicle, the woman wearing the scrubs, who is also the driver, can be seen pulling the face mask down below her chin as they exit the parking lot. Is she removing her face mask because COVID is less transmissible inside a vehicle when she’s in close proximity with the passenger than when she was walking outdoors to the ballot drop box? Or is the mask just a great way to cover their faces as they drop a large stack of what appears to be absentee ballots into a drop box with surveillance cameras positioned above?

For the record, according to Michigan law, nursing home employees or nurses are NOT allowed to deliver absentee ballots on behalf of patients to drop boxes or voting centers.

Michigan does not have laws specific to nursing home absentee voting and observation: Michigan does not have special voting deputies for nursing homes (like, for example, Wisconsin) nor specific rules regarding assisting nursing home residents to participate in absentee voting.

The SOS manual does note that absentee ballots can be mailed to nursing homes:

A voter can receive an absent voter ballot at his or her registration address, at any address outside of his or her jurisdiction of residence, or at a hospital, nursing home, or similar institution.

Because there are no special laws or rules on nursing home absentee voting, the general rules for absentee balloting apply.

Generally, Michigan law on absentee balloting, applied to everyone, including nursing home residents, permits a household member or a family member (a “member of the immediate family of the voter” includes a father-in-law, mother-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, grandparent, or grandchild or an individual residing in the voter’s household), or an election official if those options are not available, to return a voter’s absentee ballot. Michigan law, Section 168.764a, provides:

Step 5. Deliver the return envelope by 1 of the following methods:

(a) Place the necessary postage upon the return envelope and deposit it in the United States mail or with another public postal service, express mail service, parcel post service, or common carrier.

(b) Deliver the envelope personally to the office of the clerk, to the clerk, or to an authorized assistant of the clerk.

(c) In either (a) or (b), a member of the immediate family of the voter, including a father-in-law, mother-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, grandparent, or grandchild or a person residing in the voter’s household may mail or deliver a ballot to the clerk for the voter.

(d) You may request by telephone that the clerk who issued the ballot provide assistance in returning the ballot. The clerk is required to provide assistance if you are unable to return your absent voter ballot as specified in (a), (b), or (c) above, if it is before 5 p.m. on the Friday immediately preceding the election, and if you are asking the clerk to pick up the absent voter ballot within the jurisdictional limits of the city, township, or village in which you are registered. Your absent voter ballot will then be picked up by the clerk or an election assistant sent by the clerk. All persons authorized to pick up absent voter ballots are required to carry credentials issued by the clerk. If using this absent voter ballot return method, do not give your ballot to anyone until you have checked their credentials.

Step 6. The ballot must reach the clerk or an authorized assistant of the clerk before the close of the polls on election day. An absent voter ballot received by the clerk or assistant of the clerk after the close of the polls on election day will not be counted. …


All of the following actions are violations of the Michigan election law and are illegal in this state:

(1) To vote an absent voter ballot at a meeting or gathering at which other people are voting absent voter ballots.

(2) For a person who is assisting an absent voter in marking the ballot to suggest or in any manner attempt to influence the absent voter on how he or she should vote.

(3) For a person who is present and knows that a person is voting an absent voter ballot to suggest or in any manner attempt to influence the absent voter on how he or she should vote.

(4) For a person other than those listed in these instructions to return, offer to return, agree to return, or solicit to return an absent voter ballot to the clerk.

(5) For a person other than the absent voter; a person listed in these instructions; or a person whose job it is to handle mail before, during, or after being transported by a public postal service, express mail service, parcel post service, or common carrier, but only during the normal course of his or her employment to be in possession of a voted or unvoted absent voter ballot.

Approximately 150 “ballot assistants” were (conveniently) used by clerks to pick up ballots from people who called the clerk’s office to request assistance because, for some reason, they were unable to place a stamp on the envelope and drop it in the mailbox. It is also our understanding that ballot assistants are supposed to bring the ballots back to the clerk’s office who sent them to pick up the ballot. Ping data from the True the Vote team should provide more clarification about the roles of the people we’re seeing dropping off large stacks of ballots at drop boxes or making multiple trips to the same drop boxes in Detroit.

Watch Bill Barr laugh at the evidence of mass voter fraud that was revealed in the 2000 Mules movie, based on the incredible investigative work of True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips.

Bill Barr may say there was no mass voter fraud in the 2020 election.

The evidence begs tells a different story…


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