NC Democrats Panic as Campaigns in Jeopardy Before Nov. Election 2022

Oct 31, 2022 – Originally published in 100 Percent Fed Up

Authored by Becky Behrends, M.D; Vice President of Michigan Citizens for Election Integrity (MC4EI)

Only four months ago, the NC Democrat Party was being praised for supporting a union for campaign workers.

Now, with only one week to go until the mid-term elections and Democrats North Carolina are in panic mode!

Democrats are all about embracing and endorsing unions. They parade themselves around as the party of unions! In North Carolina, the Democrat Party Staff Workers voted to unionize early in the year. The union workers and employees believe they should receive more pay and benefits. The state Democratic Party does not agree.

The union members will not accept the same pay they received two years ago in the 2020 election. They want more! Campaigns have always been about working long hours for low pay. But this fact is not going over well with this union. They have said, “This campaign cannot run without us. We deserve a fair contract.”

All of this is unfolding with the Democratic Party on the verge of losing numerous seats of power such that the House of Representatives and even the Senate could flip to a GOP majority. North Carolina is a key state at risk for the Democrats. The union has not formally threatened to strike, but it is a real possibility as they are holding out for their demands.

So, now the Democrats are faced with having to put their money where their mouths are. They have excoriated business owners for not ponying up the money for union demands. Now that they are in the employers hot seat, it is not desirable for them to actually have to negotiate wages upwards. How do they dig themselves out of this credibility ditch they are in?

It is time for unions to bail out of this love affair with the Democrats. For decades Americans have been fed the falsehood that the Democrats are the party of the working man. Which working men and which jobs?
The thousands of union construction jobs that were lost when Biden put the axe to the Keystone XL pipeline? The thousands of jobs that were demolished with cancellations of existing permits for drilling for oil on federal lands? The ridiculous California regulations that keep pushing truckers out of their state adding to the serious supply line problems?

How is inflation working for union workers? It is known as “the poor people’s tax.” It wipes out the retirement plans of working people. For people living on marginal income, it pushes them over the edge to pay for the simple necessities of life.

High gas prices? Not a problem for people with advanced degrees who work remotely from home on a laptop. But a big problem for the “muscle jobs” that require old-fashioned boots on the ground commuting to work every day. Or should we say “tires on the road”?

And what about working people being expected to pay the piper for the federal government absorbing college student loans and canceling them? As taxes go through the roof to pay for this, blue-collar workers will find that they “will be paying off the masters degrees and doctorates of latte-drinking vegans for the next 100 years!”

Should the North Carolina party support the campaign staff workers or not? Should workers be applauded if they cross the picket lines if they strike? As a spokesman for Ted Budd, NC Republican candidate for the US Senate, said, “Where’s Jimmy Hoffa when you need him?”

And finally, here is how the North Carolina GOP responded:
“If this is how the NC Dem Party treats its own staff, acting in bad faith to avoid paying the true costs of their horrible policies, imagine how little concern they have for YOU! NC, VOTE REPUBLICAN!!

Democrats are the working man’s party??!! Rubbish!!!!


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