Michigan Citizens for Election Integrity Respond to Senate Oversight Committee

The Michigan Senate Oversight Committee consists of Chairman Edward McBroom (R), Lana Theis (R) Vice Chair, John Bison (R) and Jeff Irwin (D), Minority Vice Chair. They released a report in June of this year regarding the November 2020 General Election and concluded that there was no widespread fraud and that the results of the election in Michigan were accurate. They concluded that no forensic audit was needed.

The Michigan Citizens for Election Integrity, one of many grass root Michigan groups and organizations, vehemently disagrees with the Committees conclusions and with the report itself. This 27 page investigation examines the report from two perspectives:

What they said – which was biased, inaccurate, illogical, lacking in understanding of how a proper in-vestigation of elections should take place and without references, source material, or links.

What they DID NOT say or do – Even more egregious was their obvious failure to read and study an abundance of affidavits and sworn testimony, properly review reports from experts, put muscle into their subpoena power to get needed data to examine, and receive in person testimony from key individuals and groups of experts. 

Major findings which were noted in this report consists of the following: 

  • Failure of the Committee to understand the difference between a risk-limited audit and a forensic audit.
  • The hand-recount audit performed by the Secretary of State is totally inadequate in answering an abundance of questions necessary to establish whether the election was safe and secure and therefore, trustworthy in its results.
  • Questions such as: 
    • Did the number of voter applications match up with the same numbers of voters in the poll books?
    • Did only legally eligible citizens vote? • Were the voting machines properly examined as to hardware, software and to ensure there was no outside interference in transmission of data to county and state officials?
    • Was there unauthorized access to computers and tabulators?
    • Were security and adjudication logs missing or deleted”
    • Was there internet connectivity?
    • Were state laws and statutes violated?
    • Were ballots legitimate, changed, voted just once? 
  • Disregard of the Committee for the necessity of election security especially as it pertains to Antrim County and TCF.
  • Failure of the Committee to evaluate what happened at the TCF Center and their equating of the outrageous behavior of Democrats with the GOP Poll Challengers trying to do their duties.
  • The significance of fraud in other nation’s elections
  • No examination of the Committee of third party and outside influence as if is of no major significance.
  • Totally inappropriate call for the Attorney General of Michigan to investigate citizens and attorneys investigating the election for purposes of intimidation and prosecution which represent a violation of the US Constitution. 

This timely report rightly rebukes the McBroom report. Senator McBroom may have garnered national praise and attention from the legacy media, but he has angered millions of Republicans and has creat-ed enormous damage for the Republican party going forward. He and his Committee apparently do not understand the need for honesty and integrity in the election process but average, grass root citi-zens do and they will exercise “oversight” that this Committee has been unwilling to do. 

There will be additional releases of segments of this report on our website. We welcome all election integrity patriots to continue with us as we unfold this saga of inadequate and misinformed conclusions. 


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