Heads Up, Parents, May is “Sex Ed Month For All”—The WHO Recommends “Children between 9 and 12 yrs should have their first sexual experience and learn to use online pornography”

Authored by Becky Behrends and published in 100% Fed Up on April 22, 2023

Since 2019, May has been recognized as Sex Ed for All Month. It used to be called “Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month,” but this has been deemed as “causing more harm than good-shaming young people, and, especially, young parents.” So says SIECUS (Sexual Information and Education Council of the United States). They have been around since 1964. Their branding includes Sex Ed For Social Change.

What change? Pictures sometimes can tell all…

And as we noted, shaming is out; full-on sexual license is in:

SIECUS also bemoans the fact that “for over 35 years, the federal government has spent more than $2.1 billion on incomplete, ineffective, and shaming abstinence-only until marriage (AOUM) programs.” Their goal has been to eliminate them, and the Obama Administration obliged them.

Under the Trump administration, Sexual Risk Avoidance Education (SRAE) was funded to promote abstinence with the funding of 27 projects in 15 states. Under Biden, the funds were eliminated. It was claimed that abstinence programs were a waste of money as they did not reduce pregnancy rates anyway.

In the ramped-up hyper-sexualized environment kids are exposed to, if adults were serious about stemming the tide of pregnancy, they would fight this wanton sexual permissiveness on all battle fronts. Do they really want abstinence programs to succeed while having no problem in peddling porn to teens? Doesn’t sound like it. They talk out of two sides of their mouths to young people.

Leave it to the World Health Organization (WHO) to weigh in on this. (Who put WHO in charge of world sex-ed??!!) They are starting with European children, where organized religion is much weaker than in the United States.

Key points in their document are as follows:

Children between 0 and 4 years must learn about masturbation and develop an interest in their own and others’ bodies.

Children between 4 and 6 years must learn about masturbation and be encouraged to express their sexual needs and wishes.

Children between 6 and 9 years must learn about sexual intercourse, online pornography, having a secret love, and self-stimulation.

Children between 9 and 12 years should have their first sexual experience and learn to use online pornography.

These WHO-generated standards are available for download in many languages, including English.

Do you think that this outrageous stuff is only going to be pushed on folks “across the pond”? Think again.

There are 180 groups that are kicking off #SexEdForAll Month with information, events, a video challenge, tool kits for how-to-lobby legislators, ready-to-go graphics, posts, news releases, and talking points. The narrative they have crafted centers around promoting justice for young people in the area of sexual health. Particularly if they live in rural settings, represent communities of color, LGBTQ+ youth, immigrants, youths with lower incomes, or are in foster care. They push the idea that sexual education promotes “social change.”

What is this change? Fostering a “new generation of young people who believe in bodily autonomy, affirming each other’s identities,” among other items. SIECUS has been working for 55 years “toward a world where all people can access and enjoy sexual and reproductive freedom as they define it for themselves.”

Thus we have a heavily funded movement introducing young people to the idea they can enjoy sexual freedom in whatever way they want to define it. All wrapped up in the touchy-feely language of justice, tolerance, and compassion. And, of course, diversity, equity, and inclusion. (There is no leftist/liberal narrative that has not been invaded with the DEI mantra).

What about the teacher’s unions? Don’t expect any help from them in stopping this tidal wave of the sexualization of children and youth.

In 2019, a former elementary school teacher from California gave an address at The Heritage Foundations summit of “Protecting Children from Sexualization.” She stated:

“The (teachers) unions attack the very virtues that most teachers cherish. They have used the teaching profession to gain unfettered access to America’s children….The unions have been dividing parents and teachers for decades.” She relayed her experience of attending state teacher’s conferences, where she was shocked to see rooms full of expo tables that promoted Planned Parenthood, gay-straight alliance clubs, and far-left politics.

She also stated that “America’s real teachers are deeply disturbed by the sexualization of our children. At NEA (National Education Association) representative assemblies, teachers who have fought against this have “been spit upon. They have been screamed at. Their path back to their seats have been blocked. They have been barred from serving on sex-ed and health committees. Two were told, ‘There’s a special place in hell for people like you.”

Furthermore, she said:

Teachers are told to teach kids about their “sexual rights” and that they should have the freedom to enjoy sexual pleasure at any age.

Out-of-wedlock sex with anyone is okay. As for being bisexual or homosexual? Don’t knock it until you try it!

The number one goal is to teach children how to prevent pregnancy without parental knowledge or permission from age 12 on.

Teachers are told to teach children how to use condoms by bringing in fully erect penis models for them to manipulate. Ten and 11-year-olds.

Kids as young as four are told, “your parents didn’t know your gender when you were born, so they assigned you a gender. You will figure out your gender someday; there is a huge spectrum to pick from.”

She concluded by saying that the unions determined years ago that most teachers would never agree to teach this stuff so they have created laws and policies to allow the “experts” to come in and teach the kids. Thus, Planned Parenthood is allowed into schools to “abuse your children.”

Conservative, traditional-minded parents, by their very nature, are not as politically engaged as leftists. Conservatives tend to retreat into “leave me alone to get on with life” comfort zones. Time to wake up and come out of these comfort zones! The physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of children is at stake.

The Great Schools Initiative in Michigan is fighting back. Parents can access their opt-out form and submit it to school principals and superintendents to send the message that they do not want their kids in classes where sexual topics and ideologies are discussed or promoted outside of the formally designated sex-ed class. Signage around the school celebrating “Sex Ed For All” month should be opposed. It is pushing for “social change” under the guise of comprehensive sex-ed health that many parents do not approve of.
Don’t fall for their “lofty” rhetoric as they push their radical ideas.

Fight back at school board meetings and letters to teachers, principals, superintendents, and legislators. It’s a numbers game. Leftists preen like peacocks if or when they think no one opposes them. But, they will turn tail and run if parents come at them in huge numbers to say, Enough is Enough!! Truth and true compassion for children is on our side. We can prevail!!


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