By iHeartMedia’s Corey Olson
Mar 4, 2022

Liberal bias in the mainstream media has been on display for years, in the stories they choose to play up (Trump-Russia) and those they downplay or ignore (Hunter Biden, Hillary Clinton). Now, it appears the left wants to ensure they keep their stranglehold on media and information well into the future. Liberal non-profit groups with names like GroundTruth Project and States Newsroom are training, funding, and placing young journalists into local newsrooms across the country. Writer and retired doctor Rebecca Behrends details this practice in a new piece, Leftist Journalism is Coming to a Town Near You.

Behrends discovered this liberal journalist pipeline when one of these young reporters began snooping around her organization, Michigan Citizens for Election Integrity. “Today’s current crop of journalists is trained in the notion of advocacy journalism,” she tells KTRH. That advocacy journalism was recently on display in the Canadian trucker protests.

“What happens is you train this cadre of young journalists nationwide to go into local newsrooms, and they’re giving their ideological bent to the pieces they’re writing,” Behrends continues. “So the notion of objectivity just doesn’t exist.”

Having left-wing groups in bed with newsrooms across the country is bad enough, but Congress is doing the same thing. The Local Journalism Sustainability Act passed last year, and essentially subsidizes the hiring of reporters for news organizations. “What it does is provide taxpayer money to contribute to the salaries of journalists,” says Behrends. “Of course, the majority of these local news organizations are supporting Democrats, and if they didn’t before, they will now because of the financial strings attached.”

Ultimately, Behrends cautions the left will continue to try to control and manipulate every media and information outlet possible, including local newspapers and television. “We need to start pushing back,” she says. “We need, as conservatives, to have our own media platforms, our own journalists, our own presence…and the best place to start is our own communities.”


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