Italy’s New Primer Minister Meloni is the “Kari Lake” of Italy!

Sept 27, 2022 – Originally published in 100 Percent Fed Up

Authored by Becky Behrends, M.D; Vice President of Michigan Citizens for Election Integrity (MC4EI)

World wide media outlets are decrying the recent election of the “far-right”, first female Prime Minister of Italy as a throwback to dangerous fascist, authoritarian, and nationalist leaders and governments. This spitfire woman made the statement, “I am a woman! I am a mother! I am Italian! I am Christian! You won’t take it from me!”

Well, if that is fascism and nationalism, let’s have more of it!

She has more guts to speak her mind and with force and conviction than just about any single American politician, except Donald J. Trump! She stands for traditional values in spades and that is refreshing to American conservatives. Just check out this video as previously reported in 100 Percent Fed Up and it will be apparent why the leftist establishment is afraid of her.

But how did we get to the point where the global media elites indoctrinate millions of people by co-opting the language and redefining terms in ways that anesthetize so many American minds? George Orwell observed that “If thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.”

Let’s look at a list of corrupted words and meaning:

Progressive- Democrats hijacked this word when they found that the word “liberal” left a bad taste in the mouths of so many Americans. In fact, many feel that the worst insult you can throw at a Republican is the label “liberal”.

But, as one writer noted, “Leftists call themselves “progressives” as a form of self-praise, an assertion that their politics represent a higher consciousness than the prejudices of the mob of unthinking deplorables (translation, Republicans and Trumpsters) and will lead mankind to a sunny upland where human nature will transcend its baser impulses and peace and harmony will reign.”

Conservatives should not indulge them in this self-deception. STOP using the word “progressive” in referring to Democrats and liberals. As far as “progressives” are concerned, Trumpsters belong in dumpsters with the rest of the fly-over, middle America deplorables!

What is progressive about this?

  • late term abortion up to and including the day of birth -under the euphemism of “a woman’s right to choose”.
  • social justice – under this label, the destruction of lives and property in the riots of 2020 by BLM and Antifa marchers was justified.
  • racist– critical race mumbo jumbo says it is ok to teach grade school children to judge themselves and others on the basis of skin color.

Under the progressive skewed definition of the word racism, it is okay to say, “I hate all white people and wish them harm.” Racism against white people is impossible according to their ideology.

  • equality–  this word has been denigrated in favor of equity.  Forget equal opportunity.  It is either equal outcome or “systemic racism” is the culprit.
  • biological sexes- Two sexes? How gauche!!!  As so-called “health experts” say, “Forget about the two-gender binary.” Gender fluidity is the new progressive term now!  A person’s sex and gender do not have to be the same!  There are upwards of 70 genders and climbing.  This author, as a retired emergency physician, once treated a female teenager who declared that she was an “asexual plant” and was endorsed in this delusion by her mother.  I was informed it would be emotionally harmful not to respect her choice of gender in this regard.  It used to be considered malpractice for doctors to indulge patients in their delusions.  We were suppose to help them out of them.  Not anymore.  What was I suppose to do?  Say, “dump some plant food on her and sprinkle with water?  Maybe she will get better?”  Okay, okay, that’s ridiculous but why are we suppose to swallow any amount of craziness from the other side with no amount of opposition

The word progressive used to mean advocating new, enlightened ideas and change. Too bad the leftists have destroyed a perfectly good word and turned it into mush!

Nationalism- used to be a perfectly respectable word, meaning “identification with one’s own nation and support for its interests”. No longer. Open border enthusiasts and globalists intensely dislike this word and conflate it with Nazism. Hitler promoted the Third Reich and desired to take over the world to the detriment of all other nations. So anyone who promotes “America First” interests such as Trump are denigrated as Nazis.

And if you promote “extreme nationalism” you are branded as a fascist.

So, the new Prime Minister of Italy drapes her podium with the Italian flag. Sends leftists into seeking for their safe spaces! She is a threat to the sanctity of the European Union and unrestrained immigration. Many Italians applaud her for this.

Secure Elections- The 2020 Election in America turned this phrase on it’s head. It has been rendered meaningless in the face of multiple eye witness testimonies and affidavits, statistical anomalies, illegitimate and illegal behavior caught on videos, outrageous outsourcing of election processes to a private billionaire and his cash bait among many other items. This phrase is now a euphemism for “we secured the outcome of the election by any means necessary for our side. Period. No questions or investigations will be tolerated.” Michigan Citizens for Election Integrity begs to differ and will continue to pursue truth.

Far- Right-Did you know that if you are anti-abortion, pro-America, pro-2nd amendment rights, pro-traditional family, pro-law enforcement, anti-illegal immigration, you are “extreme” and “far right”?! This kind of thinking is what we would call “far out”, and we shouldn’t allow it to be mainstreamed as the norm.

And so it goes. As for Giorgia Meloni, the new PM of Italy, the press had a fit when it appeared she would win the election.

Headlines were screaming:

Italy braces for hard right….
Sharp move to the right….
Italy braces for political earthquake…..

Giorgia has it right:

“I am a woman”- no gender identity crisis for her. Remember when Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, latest addition to the US Supreme Court, could not answer the simple question, “what is a woman?”

“I am a mother” – she is not bowing to the politically correct nonsense of eliminating the words “mom and dad.”

“I am Italian”- proud of her heritage and culture. Blacks in America are encouraged to celebrate their unique heritage and culture. Why can’t other ethnic groups?

“I am Christian”- No apologies! Christian values have been instrumental in establishing stable families and communities in America and the world. That is a historical fact.

This course correction in Italy has been long overdue. Giorgia Meloni is the “Kari Lake” of Italy. (Remember Kari, who is now the Arizona Republican candidate for governor and her memorable “sledgehammer” campaign ad?)

Kari Lake appeared on Tucker Carlson on Monday evening, where she told Tucker “If they’re not calling you all of these slurs, if they’re not attacking you, then you’re probably not truly representing the people of your country.”

Kick the door down and clean up the mess! This strong woman appears up to the task!!


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