It violates state and federal law!

Dr Becky Behrends, March 9, 2023

My name is Becky Behrends.  I am a retired emergency physician having worked for DMC at Huron Valley Hosp for a number of years.  I am a tax paying citizen in the Walled Lake School District.

I am going to speak on the issue of rogue sex education in schools and the efforts of the Great Schools Initiative (GSI) to combat it.

In no way does this initiative remove the rights or existence of LGBTQ students in schools.  Nor does it prevent schools from teaching about a wide range of sex education topics. 

Rather, it seeks to bring schools into compliance with state and federal law.

The state law is: a 1976 law which established clear guidelines requiring that sex education is restricted to specific courses and class sections with an approved curriculum which is to be taught by an instructor qualified to teach sex education.  Sex education or discussion thereof is not be included in any required class, such as math or social studies, etc.

The federal law is: The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act 

The safety and privacy of all students whether straight or LBGTQ needs to be protected.

When teachers have flags or symbols or discussions in their classrooms with obvious messaging regarding preferred lifestyles sexually it is a form of “education” or indoctrination and parents have a right to be concerned.  Heterosexual or homosexual discussions, materials, symbols should be confined to regular sex-ed courses.   

Corporations spend millions of dollars for ad time during the Super Bowl to influence the pocketbooks of adult. They wouldn’t spend the money if they didn’t think that 60 seconds of exposure to adults wouldn’t pay off.  You cannot tell me that day after day exposure to sexual lifestyles whether straight or gay is not a form of education. It most certainly is and parents have a right to say NO to this for their children.

As a practicing medical physician I have treated many adults and teens for STD’s in my 35 years of practice.  Hypersexualization of children does not lead to happy, secure individuals, stable marriages and family life or to the well being economically or morally of communities or our nation.  This is not a  “Don’t say Gay” discriminatory campaign aimed just at LGBTQ individuals.  I would simply call it, “Don’t Say Yes to Hypersexualization of Youth and Children”.  


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