Hey, RINOs! How’s all this working for you?

Authored by Becky Behrends, published in American Thinker on November 19, 2021.

The thinking of fair-weather Republicans and NeverTrumps is hard to understand.  We are constantly reminded that far too many Republicans had to hold their noses if they agreed, under duress, to fill in the bubble for Trump.  Or they turned up their noses and bought in to the noble lie that bumbling Biden was the acceptable alternative.  The question is, did they not see the leftist train coming full bore, flying down the tracks for the heart of America?

Many of these Republicans bristle at being labeled RINOs.  Can’t the fly-over Midwest hayseeds understand that establishment Republicans rightfully deserve to be in charge of the party?  In shades of Father Knows Best, they preen as the moral and intellectual arbiters of disputes with Democrats.  They exude this message: “Stop embarrassing us with your unsophisticated, flag-waving rallies and rants at school board meetings.  Stop being so backward by looking back at the 2020 election and interfering with the ‘noble coup’ that hijacked our nation!”

We the people, of the conservative grassroots, would pose some simple questions.  Do these people know the difference between what the Trump administration accomplished and what the Biden bunglers are now doing?  Let’s show a bit of comparison.

Energy Independence.  President Trump shifted the whole global energy landscape by opening up access to America’s abundant energy resources.  He directed federal agencies to pare down obstructive regulations.  Opened federal lands and waters to energy exploration.  Created thousands of jobs and reduced the burden on low-income families in electricity and fuel costs.  He gave a green light to oil and natural gas development.

Biden?  Well, how does $4 a gallon for gas and higher grab you?  Okay with it?  Joe scrapped the Keystone XL pipeline, suspended oil and natural gas leases in Alaska, and now has embarrassingly begged for help from OPEC to increase their oil production to offset this foolishness.  They refused.  You made your “gas-less” bed; now you can sleep on it!  Democrats will say increased demand and COVID-induced tangled global supply chains have caused the rise in food and energy costs, but did they have to make it worse with their obeisance to the “green goddess”?  (And we are not talking about salad dressing!)  The leftist “Let’s Go Green” campaign has been about as prevalent as “Let’s go, Brandon.”  And without much thought and substance to it, as noted by the Manhattan Institute.

Critical Race Theory.  President Trump issued an executive order banning federal funds from contractors who conduct Critical Race Theory (CRT) training.  He saw this theory for what it is: a race-based “pre-trial guilty verdict” of racism, which is itself, by definition, racism.  Boom, by a stroke of the pen, he declared it un-American and gone! 

Biden?  In a 180-degree turn, he reinstituted CRT and has promoted the metastasis of this divisive Marxist ideology all across the nation, angering millions of people, especially parents who do not want this racist nonsense taught to their children in K–12 education.

Southern Border.  President Trump wisely ended “catch and release,” instituted the Remain in Mexico policy, and effected Asylum Cooperative Agreements with El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.  Results?  Steep decline in the flood of illegals across the southern border.

Biden?  Opened the floodgates with an unprecedented number of illegals crossing into the U.S. — to the cheers of the open borders crowd and the delight of narcotics-smugglers and human-traffickers.

And on it goes.  Under Biden, we see skyrocketing crime in American cities, increased taxes, reimposition of burdensome government regulations, high unemployment, cozying up to teachers’ unions in opposition to school choice.  Just the opposite of what the Trump administration had accomplished.

So, when we use the term “RINO,” we have to ask ourselves, what constitutes a true Republican?  What are their values and the foundation they stand for?  It used to be traditional, constitutionally based values.

When does a person enter the forbidden realm of “RINOhood”?  When those values get diluted to the point that you no longer recognize them.  The problem with “let’s go along to get along” is that sooner or later, people drown in the swamp of negotiation and compromise.  They fail to double down on core principles and stand firm.  There are brave, well-meaning men and women who compromise to rise to positions of power where they can make a difference.  It is sometimes difficult for conservative Republicans to judge when their compromises are acceptable and when they are simply caving in.  Maybe a lot more firmness and less worry about looking at government positions as a permanent career path are in order.  Fight like heck for your principles, and then pass the baton on to the next warrior when necessary. 

To Republicans who disliked Trumps quirkiness, devil-may-care feistiness, and crudeness, how is Biden working out for you?  Are you seeing something that 74 million people failed to see?  Is your dislike of Trump so enormous that the ends justifies the means?  And the election fraud necessary to achieve this is the acceptable flavor “du jour” of the elite crowd you seek acceptance from.

Elections have consequences.  Election integrity and security are paramount to ensure that we don’t have the results we truly did not vote for.  Michigan Citizens for Election Integrity (MC4EI.com) seeks to shine a light on the fact that the 2020 election was the “least secure election in history.”  Republicans would do well as they curry favor with grassroots conservatives in the next election to remember the words of Neal A. Maxwell: “Let us have integrity and not write checks with our tongues which our conduct cannot cash.”

Image: Nel_Botha-NZ via PixabayPixabay License.


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