• Detroit Election Officials – Trusting a Snake!

    MC4EI’s Own Becky Behrends Published on 100 Percent Fed Up – July 31, 2022 How much weight should be given to the statements and conclusions of “election officials”?  In Wisconsin, election officials ignored the state election code by providing that nursing homes could disregard Wisconsin’s requirement that special voting deputies oversee elections in residential facilities.  Nursing home […]

  • MC4EI Talks with 100 Percent Fed Up and Gateway Pundit About Continued Election Investigations

  • Part 3: Defending Karamo, MI SOS Candidate, Against the Onslaught of Leftist Journalists

    Written by MC4EI’s own Dr Becky Behrends – Also seen on 100% Fed Up Part 3 of a 4 part series – Pushing back against leftist attacks on a black, conservative female candidate running for secretary of state in Michigan In Part 2 of our examination of left-wing journalism, “How the Left is Funding Deceptive Journalism […]

  • Part 2: How The Left Is Funding Deceptive Journalism To Make You Believe What You See Isn’t True

    Originally published on 100% Fed Up with co-authors from MC4EI’s own Joe Brandis, President of MC4EI, and Becky Behrends, M.D, Vice President of Research for MC4EI – June 10, 2022 Part 2 in a series examining left-wing journalismIn a previous article, Part 1, “How the Left is Infiltrating America’s Local Newsrooms With Activist “Journalists” Funded […]

  • Part 1: Who Is Funding The Progressive Journalists That Are Taking Over American’s Local Newsrooms

    MC4EI’s Own Becky Behrends Published on 100% Fed Up – June 6, 2022 For years, local journalism has been collapsing.  Between 2018 and 2020, nearly 6,000 journalism jobs and 300 newspapers vanished a longstanding trend that accelerated with the COVID pandemic. But, not to worry, help is on the way. Enter Report for America, an initiative […]

  • Video Analysis by MC4EI Woman Makes FOUR Trips to Detroit Drop Box In TWO Days & Deposits Stacks Of Ballots!

    Originally Published by 100% Fed Up on May 20, 2022 The following exclusive drop box footage from the Balduck satellite voting center in Detroit, MI, was obtained by the Gateway Pundit and 100 Percent Fed Up: On October 28, 2020, at 4:35, a female driving a blue Toyota with a red air freshener hanging from her rear-view mirror […]

  • MC4EI Investigators Reveal Mountain of New Evidence of 2020 Election Fraud

    Joe Brandis & MC4EI featured in an article by The Gateway Pundit, published May 16, 2022 With the release of 2,000 Mules, patriots around the country are seeing the truth about the obvious voter fraud that was caught on video at designated ballot boxes. The Mules are those who were dropping fraudulent ballots into drop boxes. […]

  • Why Is Detroit’s Bogus Placeholder Birthdate Excuse in the 2020 Election STILL Being Ignored?

    Another news site posting MC4EI’s Becky’s Report: 100% Fed Up There was no end of ridicule from Democrats and mainstream media regarding the issue of republican hysteria over “dead people voting” in the 2020 election. Viral videos were allegedly spreading disinformation and the notion that 120 yr people were “voting” courtesy of the fraudulent schemes […]

  • Multiple Ballots Signed by Same Person [Video]

    Published By: 100% Fed Up Publish Date: April 20, 2022 True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips have been working with Dinesh D’Souza to create “2000 Mules,” a bombshell movie that uses footage they obtained of ballot boxes in key states across America to steal the election in 2020. Using commercially available geo-tracking […]

  • MI SOS Illegally Weakened Signature Verification [Video]

    Published: 100% Fed UpApril 23, 2022 Yesterday, Jim Hoft of the Gateway Pundit and Patty McMurray of 100 Percent Fed Up interviewed True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips, the geniuses behind Dinesh D’Souza’s soon-to-be-released “2000 Mules” movie. Using commercially available geo-tracking cell phone data, True the Vote was able to take footage from […]