Thousands of Absentee Ballots Loaded into Minivan?

Authored by Patty McMurray in 100% Fed Up and Gateway Pundit on Sep 12, 2022

On the evening of the 2020 election, a full 3 hours and 15 minutes after the polls closed in Michigan, a white male dressed in a white shirt and black pants can be seen on drop box surveillance footage at the Heilmann Satellite Voting Center in Detroit working with a black male dressed all in black to load what appears to be thousands of absentee ballots into a minivan with Indiana license plates.

The two men are seen rolling a flatbed filled with 13 postal trays used to transfer ballots in Detroit, 3 large (heavy) storage containers, and a large filled blue bag with red straps (we believe this bag was used to transfer ballots from satellite voting centers, potentially to the Detroit City Clerk’s office), and two open boxes filled with absentee ballots into the back of a black minivan that is backed up next to the drop box. It should be mentioned that, according to a thorough examination of the surveillance tapes by MC4EI, a scant total of 95 ballots were deposited throughout the day on Election Day, and only ONE ballot was dropped off after 6 pm on Election Day—so, where is this massive haul of ballots coming from?

When they are finished loading the contents of the flatbed, which includes several large black containers that are so heavy it requires two people to load them into the back of the minivan, they close the doors, and ONE person drives away, ALONE—with a van filled with thousands of ballots almost 3.5 hours after the polls have closed.

The number of ballots estimated to be inside the postal trays (if they are filled) is about 4,550. This number does not include the ballots shown inside the open boxes (1 USPS box and one cardboard box) where ballots are openly displayed inside, the blue bag with red straps, or the 3 very heavy black storage bins that are loaded into the van.

Aside from an unreadable lanyard worn around the neck of the white male in the white shirt and a “City of Detroit” magnet affixed to the passenger side front door of the van, there is no evidence that the person or the vehicle with Indiana license plates used to transport thousands of ballots just before midnight on Election Day was official.

It’s also worth noting that the man dressed in black walks past the minivan on the way to the parking lot as the man in the white shirt gets into the driver’s seat and pulls away from the voting center by himself. No chain of custody—no witnesses to say where those ballots were taken—and definitely no security for thousands of ballots from the hotly contested 2020 election.

The MC4EI team tasked with reviewing 16,000 hours of surveillance footage has painstakingly counted every ballot dropped into the drop box at the Heilmann voting center and determined that only 95 ballots were dropped at the drop box for the entire day. There were 6 pickups of ballots by election officials on Election Day, and after 6 pm, only ONE ballot was deposited into the Zuckerberg-funded drop box. Additionally, the number of people who entered the satellite voting center throughout the day on Election Day 2020 was also nowhere near the estimated number of ballots seen being hauled away from the Heilmann Center after 11 pm on Election Day in the black minivan with Indiana license plates.

This isn’t the first time we’ve witnessed “voter irregularities” at the Heilmann Satellite Voting Center.  On May 26, 2022, The Gateway Pundit and 100 Percent Fed Up released video footage showing two women working in unison to drop an estimated 50 ballots into the drop box. One woman deposited the massive stack of ballots while the other recorded her with her phone.

Note that throughout the video, both women who are OUTDOORS are wearing face masks, but when they get back inside the vehicle, the woman wearing the scrubs, who is also the driver, can be seen pulling the face mask down below her chin as they exit the parking lot. Is she removing her face mask because COVID is less transmissible inside a vehicle when she’s in close proximity with the passenger than when she was walking outdoors to the ballot drop box? Or is the mask just a great way to cover their faces as they drop a large stack of what appears to be absentee ballots into a drop box with surveillance cameras positioned above?

Even more curious than the women recording their massive dump of absentee ballots into the drop box at Heilmann is the video that we released on August 6, 2022, showing several tabulators being delivered to the Heilmann satellite voting center only one month before the election, where, according to top election officials Chris Thomas and Daniel Baxter, votes are not allowed to be tabulated!

Days before the Michigan Primary Election, MC4EI co-founders Phil O’Halloran and Joe Brandis, along with former MI Senator Patrick Colbeck, author of “the 2020 Coup” and keeper of the “Let’s Fix Stuff” election integrity website, were part of a walkthrough of the former TCF Center (now Huntington Place) where absentee ballots from Detroit are counted. During their walkthrough, Joe Brandis of MC4EI asked top election officials Chris Thomas and Daniel Baxter if any of the 20 satellite voting centers tabulated votes. Daniel Baxter replied, “No, they don’t tabulate there,” he replied. So, if “they don’t tabulate” votes at the satellite counting centers, why were four tabulators being delivered to the Heilmann Rec Center that doubles as a satellite voting center, one month before the November 3, 2020 election, as discovered by the MC4EI team in the drop box surveillance video seen below?

Were votes being tabulated at the Heilmann Satellite Voting Center? Is that why so many “absentee ballots” were loaded into the minivan just before midnight on Election Day? And where did those ballots go?

Phil O’Halloran of Mc4EI was interviewed by Trump attorney Christina Bobb, who was at the time working as a reporter for OAN, about the lack of security or chain of custody for absentee ballots being transferred from one location to another. During the interview, O’Halloran discusses the use of unofficial Detroit Election vehicles, many of which have out-of-state license plates (like the minivan shown above) that are used to transfer completed absentee ballots.

We were constantly gaslighted into believing that the November 2020 election was “the most secure election in history”! This was clearly not the case in what was observed in Detroit, either at the drop boxes or at the infamous TCF Center, where Republican poll challengers and watchers were ambushed, bullied, intimidated, and threatened. After considerable investigation, the MC4EI team concludes that it was the most INSECURE election ever, regardless of the ever-present misinformation and deception from mainstream media.

The number of same-day registrations in Detroit on election day was 1471. Hardly an earth-shattering number. Yet, we are to believe that a massive wave of absentee ballots descended on the AVCB (absent voter counting board) at the TCF center late into the night on Nov 3rd and into Nov 4th with early morning ballot dumps. And we are also being asked to believe that Trump’s lead was reversed by 450,000 votes to give Biden a 154,000 lead by early morning on Nov 5.

Sorry, but we’re still not buying it.


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