• Bipartisan Election Fraud – It’s Time to Put a Stop to All of It!!

    Another MC4EI Article Published On 100% Fed Up!Published August 14, 2022 Michigan Citizens for Election Integrity is a group of grassroots, patriotic citizens concerned about election dishonesty, fraud, and illegality regardless of whether it involves the blues or the reds in the political realm. It needs to be called out and exposed. Here is a review […]

  • MC4EI Talks with 100 Percent Fed Up and Gateway Pundit About Continued Election Investigations

  • The Problem with ERIC

    The Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) was established in 2012 for the following purposes: To improve the accuracy of America’s voter registration rolls To increase access to voter registration for all eligible citizens ERIC, as of 2022, is comprised of 31 states and DC who assist one another in comparing their voter data with crosschecks […]