Poll workers now referred to as election inspectors.

Yes, poll workers are officially referred to as election inspectors.  In the 2020 election republicans were greatly outnumbered by democrats in the City of Detroit.  Of the 5,486 election officials working during the election, only 170 were Republicans.

The goal of the Michigan GOP (MiGOP) is to recruit 5000 applicants for the position of election inspector by May, 2022.  This is in preparation for the 2022 August and November elections. 

An election inspector is a paid position.  It requires working a full day for the primary scheduled for August 2 and the general election on Nov 8.

Training will be provided free and is 2.5 hrs.

Election inspectors assist voters, check voters registration records, record that they voted, help process ballots and maintain order within the voting precinct.

Election inspectors cannot be a challenger, candidate, or member of a candidate’s family.

Join the Michigan Election ProtectionTeam to become an election inspector.

www.mielectionprotection.com.  Please note that you heard from MC4EI.

We need to restore election integrity and honesty.  Join in this patriotic effort!

Training sessions will begin from March on.  You will be notified.


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